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Investors wary of diesel from coal

The price of gasoline and diesel fuel from foreign oil is making people think about other ways to fill up. Lester Graham reports the coal industry is pushing the idea of making diesel out of coal from the U-S.  Go to full article
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.

High prices poach carp tourney

High prices are squeezing nearly every aspect of the North Country economy. That includes the stretch of the St. Lawrence River that's breeding tourism based on carp fishing. The 3rd Annual Specialist Tackle Carp Challenge kicks off this morning in Waddington, but with half the number of angler teams from last year. Peter Henwood is the CEO of Specialist Tackle and owns the Riverview Motel on Route 37. Carp fishing is much more popular in Europe than here in the U.S. He says high airfares and gas prices are keeping anglers away this year. Henwood told David Sommerstein tourism in general has been quieter on his stretch of the river.  Go to full article

State labor economist says North Country workers "on the edge"

The sagging national economy is proving especially painful for many families here in the North Country. According to statistics gathered by New York state, many counties in the region have seen the number of food stamp recipients grow by ten percent in the last year alone. High gas and fuel oil prices, combined with rising grocery and property tax bills, have pushed a lot of people to the edge. In just a moment we'll hear from a woman in the St. Lawrence Valley who's working extra hard to maintain her family's middle-class lifestyle. But first Brian Mann checked in with Al Beideck, an economist with New York's Department of Labor, based in Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

Sticker campaign urges drivers to slow down

A new campaign is promoting what some drivers have known for years: slowing down saves gas and reduces carbon emissions. A group of Adirondack women is taking up an effort created by a Minnesota man to promote a "drive easy and conserve" motto for motorists. Todd Moe spoke with Jay Hanson who created green, triangular stickers that read "Drive, Easy, Conserve." The effort has gained momentum locally and around the world.  Go to full article
Outdoor wood furnace in operation. Source: Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Outdoor wood furnace in operation. Source: Washington State Dept. of Ecology

Outdoor furnaces taking the heat

Winter seems a long way off. But with the price of home heating oil and natural gas expected to continue to soar, North Country residents are already scrambling for cheaper ways to stay warm. Outdoor wood furnaces are an increasingly popular alternative because they can burn most any kind of wood. But tonight in Jefferson County, the village of Sackets Harbor may join a growing number of communities to restrict or ban them. As David Sommerstein reports, the smoke from outdoor furnaces can bother neighbors and pose a risk to human health and the environment.  Go to full article
Congressman John McHugh (File photo)
Congressman John McHugh (File photo)

McHugh acknowledges GOP's struggles, blames Dems for gas prices, economy

It's been a tough year for Republicans. Last night in Mississippi, the GOP lost yet another congressional seat in a district that was once seen as safe conservative territory. It's the third straight defeat for Republicans in off-season special elections. They also face a new scandal here in New York, with Staten Island Congressman Vito Fossella confronting allegations of adultery and drunk driving. No strong Democratic challenger has emerged to face North Country Congressman John McHugh. But speaking with reporters Brian Mann and Chris Knight, McHugh acknowledged that his party is struggling.  Go to full article

Tourism experts optimistic despite gas prices

Local leaders and tourism officials say high gas prices will have an impact on the summer tourism season in the Adirondacks. But they're optimistic that an ongoing surge in Canadian visits will help to minimize any decline. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Albany debates suspending state gas tax

Republicans in the State legislature are proposing a gas tax holiday this summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But Governor David Paterson says he's reluctant to support it unless there's some guarantee that the savings will actually end up in taxpayer's pockets. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

In the North Country, long drives to work mean painful gas bills and changing lifestyles

New York's legislature is considering suspending gas taxes this summer, a move that would cut pump prices by thirty cents a gallon. In many parts of the North Country, gas prices are pushing $3.80 a gallon. For folks who commute long distances to work, spiraling pump prices have added hundreds of dollars to the monthly budget. As Brian Mann reports, that means tough choices for families and businesses trying to make ends meet.  Go to full article

Alternative energy subsidies sound policy?

Americans are thinking more about energy. We're facing higher prices. There's worry about climate change. And there are questions about whether our need for foreign oil is forcing the country into wars in the Middle East. Even former oilman President Bush says we have to kick our addiction to oil. But what's the government doing about it? The Environment Report's Stephanie Hemphill looks at our national energy policy and its priorities.  Go to full article

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