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New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Photo: Comptroller's office
New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Photo: Comptroller's office

NYS Comptroller tries to broaden rights for same-sex married couples

The state's comptroller is trying to use the power of the pension fund to increase equal rights for same sex married couples. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has written a letter to President Obama.  Go to full article
It's something that you're just gonna have to adapt to, and that's what the Army's good at - adapting.

Soldiers react to end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of dealing with gay service members officially ended this week. Now, gay soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen can serve openly without fear of being kicked out because of their sexuality. Around Fort Drum, some soldiers cheered the change, while others expected it to cause new problems. Joanna Richards reports.  Go to full article
Will gay marriage be legalized in New York?
Will gay marriage be legalized in New York?

Ogdensburg shoppers weigh in on same sex marriage

This week, it's been all about same sex marriage in Albany. Supporters, led by Governor Cuomo, have been lobbying hard for a vote in the State Senate. Now they're one vote shy of passage.

According to a Siena College poll this week, 55% of New Yorkers support legalizing same sex marriage. Sarah Harris chatted with shoppers in Ogdensburg to get their opinions.  Go to full article
Don't let their personal life interfere with their work life, then I have no problem with nothing. As long as they get the job done.

Fort Drum wrestles with end of Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama is expected to sign the measure repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell tomorrow. The Senate voted to end the 17 year-old policy barring gays or lesbians from military service.

The policy shift is a big victory for gay rights. Polls show it has the support of a significant majority of Americans. Still, many people around Fort Drum were struggling with the new reality yesterday. David Sommerstein went to Watertown's Salmon Run Mall to sample opinion and filed this report.  Go to full article
Rep.-elect Chris Gibson during deployment in Haiti. Photo: Gibson campaign
Rep.-elect Chris Gibson during deployment in Haiti. Photo: Gibson campaign

After their own service, Gibson and Owens divided on Don't Ask Don't Tell

In the coming months, rank-and-file service-members will be dealing with big changes in the military culture, now that don't-ask-don't-tell has been repealed.

Two lawmakers who represent the North Country will have direct oversight over that process. Democrat Bill Owens from Plattsburgh and Republican Chris Gibson from Kinderhook both sit on the House Armed Services Committee.

Both men served as officers in the military and as Brian Mann reports, they have very different opinions about gays serving openly.

(NOTE: This story includes a correction from the broadcast version)  Go to full article

More North Country Republicans say same-sex marriage is a civil right

Lawmakers here in the North Country could provide swing votes that make or break New York's same-sex marriage bill. North Country Public Radio spent the last week talking in depth with every member of our region's Albany delegation. A growing number of the region's politicians, Republicans as well as Democrats, see gay marriage as a civil right. But as Brian Mann reports, opposition from three key state Senators could doom the measure.  Go to full article
Conservative John Faso's win flummoxed some GOP leaders (Source:  Marquil)
Conservative John Faso's win flummoxed some GOP leaders (Source: Marquil)

North Country GOP Leader Ellis Backs Faso

Republicans face a potentially bruising primary in the race to replace Governor George Pataki. Last week, former upstate assemblyman John Faso won the GOP endorsement, with backing from most Republican officials in the North Country. But some party leaders -- including Pataki and state party chair Stephen Minarik -- are still backing Bill Weld. Weld has also drawn support from Plattsburgh assemblyman Chris Ortloff and Sandy Treadwell, the former state party chair from Essex. Some top Republicans worry that Faso's conservative social views could alienate New York voters. Brian Mann spoke with Jim Ellis from Tupper Lake, chair of the Republican committee in Franklin County and a state vice chairman. Ellis says the focus during the primary should be on John Faso's economic policies and not issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.  Go to full article
<i>Tying the Knot</i> will be shown Saturday afternoon at 2 at SLU
Tying the Knot will be shown Saturday afternoon at 2 at SLU

Preview: Tying the Knot

North Country Public Radio is Media Sponsor for the "Out at the Movies" film festival, which begins Thursday night and continues through Monday. The free festival will show documentaries and feature films exploring issues and concerns in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Todd Moe talks with Brooklyn filmmaker Jim de Seve, whose documentary, Tying the Knot, uncovers the many issues behind the topic of same-sex marriage.  Go to full article
Michelangelo Signorile
Michelangelo Signorile

People: Author and Activist Michelangelo Signorile

Todd Moe talks with author, radio host and gay activist Michelangelo Signorile about same-sex marriage and the "deurbanization" of the gay community. He spoke earlier this week at St. Lawrence University.  Go to full article

Bruno Attacks Spitzer for Failure to Stop Gay Marriages

State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno says he disagrees with Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's decision not to seek an injunction against gay marriages performed by the Mayor of New Paltz. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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