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News stories tagged with "gay-marriage"

Albany surprised by Paterson memo on same sex marriage

State Lawmakers expressed surprise at the news that Governor David Paterson has quietly authorized state agencies to recognize same-sex marriage performed in other states and other countries. Meanwhile Paterson was trying to downplay the significance of the move. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

NY Court Rules Gay Marriage Unlawful

New York's highest court ruled that marriage of same-sex couples is against state law. In a divided ruling, the Court of Appeals said it's up to the legislature to change the statute. The news came as a great disappointment to the 44 couples who challenged the law. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

Local Reaction To Marriage Ruling: Shock, Sadness

Eileen Raymond lives in Canton. She and her partner, Donna Smith-Raymond, were among the first couples in St. Lawrence County to be married in Canada. She told David Sommerstein yesterday she was shocked by the court ruling upholding New York's marriage law.  Go to full article

Commentary: Ellen Rocco

The U.S. Senate again voted down the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage -- but the margin is narrowing. NCPR station manager Ellen Rocco shares her thoughts on how our times define our prejudices, and who holds them.  Go to full article

A Christian Voice On Same-sex Marriage

A poll released last week found that the public backlash over gay marriage has receded. In 2003, a controversial Massachusetts court decision to legalize same sex marriages stirred strong opposition. But the numbers out last week showed public opinion has softened. The poll by the Pew Research Center and the Associated Press found gay marriage remains a divisive issue, with 51 percent against. But almost two-thirds were opposed in February 2004. Strong opposition has dropped sharply, too, particularly among senior citizens and Republicans. On March 21, the New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly against a proposed amendment to the state constitution to ban marriage between same-sex couples. Much of the opposition to gay marriage comes from conservative Christians. Commentator Paul Hetzler sees the issue through a Christian lens as well, but with a different perspective.  Go to full article

Unitarian Minister Presides at Gay Marriages in Albany

A Unitarian Universalist minister in Albany performed two same-sex marriages Saturday. The Reverend Sam Trumbore says today he'll take the paperwork he's drawn up to City Hall to request civil marriage licenses. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Same-Sex Marriage In Canada, Part 2: A More Polite Debate

Over the last year, three provincial courts in Canada have ruled that gays and lesbians are guaranteed the same marriage rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Prime Minister Paul Martin has endorsed a bill that would extend those rights to same-sex couples across the country. But Canada's government postponed a vote in Parliament last year by calling for a review of the issue by Canada's Supreme Court. As Brian Mann reports, the move has angered activists on both sides. But the tone of Canada's debate is still much more civil than in the U-S.  Go to full article

Same-Sex Marriage In Canada, Pt. 1: A Haven For U.S. Couples

On Friday, a court in Quebec cleared the way for same-sex marriages in the province. Same-sex marriages have been legal in Ontario and British Columbia since last summer. Canada has quickly become a haven for hundreds of gay and lesbian couples from the U.S. looking for a place where they can marry legally. Brian Mann spoke with Kay Brannigan, a professor of Africana and women's studies at SUNY Plattsburgh. Brannigan and her spouse, Mary Ellen, were married in Ottawa last week. The couple have two adopted daughters, ages 9 & 10.  Go to full article

Lawsuit Filed Against NY's Marriage Laws

The first lawsuit against New York's marriage laws was filed in court in New York City Friday. The suit, by a gay couple that seeks to marry, says New York's laws are unconstitutional. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart

Plattsburgh Mayor: Gay, Republican, Supports Same-Sex Marriage

In recent weeks, Plattsburgh Mayor Dan Stewart has found himself in the middle of a national debate over gay marriage. Stewart is a Republican, but he's also gay and says same-sex marriages should be legal. He discussed the issue with NPR's Madeleine Brand and with Bruce Steel, editor of the gay magazine "The Advocate". Their conversation first aired Friday on NPR's program "Day To Day".  Go to full article

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