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US Rep. Bill Owens.
US Rep. Bill Owens.

North Country House delegation votes yes on"fiscal cliff" deal

North Country congressman Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh, voted in favor of a zero-hour spending bill late last night that averted the so-called "fiscal cliff".

Owens was joined by Republicans Chris Gibson and Richard Hanna, who also currently represent parts of the North Country.

They helped lift the measure past opposition from conservative Republicans. The bill passed on a vote of 257 to 167.

The controversial bipartisan deal came just in time to spare the country broad tax hikes and deep cuts to Federal spending, which Owens called "dangerous."  Go to full article
Just a portion of the massive <i>The Last Painting</i> at SUNY Potsdam's Gibson Gallery.
Just a portion of the massive The Last Painting at SUNY Potsdam's Gibson Gallery.

Art from outside the comfort zone

SUNY Potsdam is hosting an indoor/outdoor art exhibit this month that combines elements of winter, nature and video projections. Matt Burnett, who lives in the Adirondacks, and his collaborator Scott Fuller, from Maine, used large snow sculptures as a canvas for video images in a large scale outdoor exhibit at St. Lawrence University last year. They've worked on similar outdoor art projects in Saranac Lake and Long Lake.

The duo is back again this winter and despite a lack of deep snow, are working this week on another outdoor show at SUNY-Potsdam. We'll have more about their "E-Fraction" outdoor illuminated exhibit tomorrow morning during The Eight O'clock Hour.

The two artists are known for creating several large scale outdoor installations in recent years. Todd Moe stopped by campus earlier this week as they unveiled a massive indoor piece of art that dominates a two-story wall in the Gibson gallery. It's so large that they had to create it on Pendragon Theater's stage. Fuller and Burnett used paint, recycled wall paper and wooden panels to create what they call, The Last Painting.  Go to full article
Common Cause NY's Susan Lerner (at right) has been talking up a new set of political boundaries for the Empire state (Photo:  Common Cause NY)
Common Cause NY's Susan Lerner (at right) has been talking up a new set of political boundaries for the Empire state (Photo: Common Cause NY)

Reform group wants big shake up for North Country political map

An influential government reform group has drawn up new maps for political boundaries in New York state that would have dramatic impacts here in the North Country.

Common Cause of New York says its redistricting plan would be fairer and more logical than the maps drawn up in the past by politicians. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article
US Congressman Bill Owens
US Congressman Bill Owens

Federal legislators introduce bill to bring more aid to farmers affected by Irene

US Congressman Bill Owens, with several other New York legislators, has introduced a bill to replenish two federal funds that help farmers rebuild after natural disasters.

The "Post-Irene Emergency Farm Aid Act", is also sponsored by US Representatives Chris Gibson, Maurice Hinche, and Paul Tonko...and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gilibrand. It calls for 10 million dollars to go to the Farm Service Agency's emergency conservation program, and the Emergency watershed protection program.  Go to full article

North Country reps respond to intervention in Libya

The region's representatives in Congress are weighing in on the crisis in Libya. Bill Owens, the Democrat representing New York's 23rd Congressional District, says he supports efforts to free the Libyan people from the grip of a powerful dictator. But he also has reservations as the U.S. continues military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, 20th Congressional District Representative Chris Gibson, a Republican and retired Army colonel, says the U.S. has no business getting involved in Libya. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article
There's got to be some place between full restoration [of funding] and zero that will make sense and allow these stations to continue.

National debate over public broadcasting could impact North Country stations

Debate continued in the House of Representatives late last night on a $1.2 trillion spending bill that carries deep cuts to a number of Federal programs.

Among the $60 billion in cuts is a proposal pushed by House Republicans to eliminate all $430 million in federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

That money subsidizes public television and public radio in the North Country, including North Country Public Radio.

The idea of ending federal support of public broadcasting has some support among Republicans and conservatives here in the region, while others think it would be shortsighted.

Meanwhile, managers of the region's public radio and television stations have been mobilizing their supporters, through announcements on the air and on their websites, against what they describe as an "assault" on public broadcasting.

Chris Knight has our story.  Go to full article
Rep. Chris Gibson (NCPR file photo)
Rep. Chris Gibson (NCPR file photo)

Rep. Gibson stakes out a centrist approach in Washington

Congressman Chris Gibson from Kinderhook was elected last November as part of the Republican wave that swept the US.

He had strong backing from tea party groups in New York's 20th House district.

As part of the new GOP majority, he has already voted to repeal President Obama's health care reform law.

But at this first town hall meeting in the North Country last week, Gibson sounded a bipartisan and centrist tone. Brian Mann reports from Glens Falls.  Go to full article
Is this a logical House district?  The two major parties are likely to feud over that question.
Is this a logical House district? The two major parties are likely to feud over that question.

Will the 20th House seat be a target for redistricting?

As we've been hearing, politicians in Albany will soon be redrawing many of the state's political boundaries. The North Country could see newly shaped state Senate and Congressional districts.

One House seat that is expected to receive close scrutiny is the 20th district, which stretches for nearly 230 miles from the lower Hudson Valley into the heart of the Adirondacks. Earlier this month, Republican Chris Gibson captured the seat from Democrat Scott Murphy in a decisive win.

But Democratic leaders, including Saratoga County chairman Larry Bulman, have long complained that the 20th district was specifically gerrymandered to favor Republicans. "We're 70,000 more Republicans in this sprawling district," Bulman told NCPR.

"[Former Republican Rep.] John Sweeney told me in 2001, 'We have this district so gerrymandered that you guys will never control, never win a House seat in this district.'"

So just how big and far-flung is the 20th congressional district? Brian Mann set off in his truck to find out and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Supporters of Chris Gibson and Scott Murphy rally in Troy (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Supporters of Chris Gibson and Scott Murphy rally in Troy (Photo: Brian Mann)

NY-20: Final Murphy-Gibson debate brings substance

With just over a week to go before the November election, Congressman Scott Murphy and challenger Chris Gibson met last night for the final debate in the 20th House district race.

That district stretches from Poughkeepsie in the south all the way to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid in the North.

The face-off in Troy was civil and issue-driven, despite an often bitter and negative ad campaign that has included millions of dollars in spending by outside groups.

Brian Mann was one of the panelists for last night's debate and has our story.  Go to full article
Siena Research Institute's polls offer a much clearer snapshot of the NY-20 and NY-24 races.
Siena Research Institute's polls offer a much clearer snapshot of the NY-20 and NY-24 races.

Siena: Gibson, Hanna struggling in House races

Exactly six weeks remain until election day. Here in northern New York, Republicans are pushing hard to unseat three sitting Democrats, congressmen Mike Arcuri, Scott Murphy, and Bill Owens. These races could help decide which party holds a majority in the House of Representatives.

But new polls published over the last few days by the Siena Research Institute show that in two of these races the Republican candidates are struggling to catch up.

Brian Mann spoke in-depth with Siena pollster Steven Greenberg, who says Republicans Chris Gibson and Richard Hanna need to lock down the loyalty of GOP voters. "It is key for both of the Republican bring the base back home," Greenberg says.

He calls the 24th district House race "incredibly competitive," but says the 20th district race will be more of a struggle for Gibson. "I think the 20th definitely has the potential to be a competitive race," he adds.  Go to full article

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