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Gillibrand wins AFL-CIO backing

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand has won the endorsement of New York's branch of the AFL-CIO. Gillibrand is hoping to unseat Republican Congressman John Sweeney. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Teachers union backs Gillibrand

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand drew support yesterday from eleven union organizations. Gillibrand is challenging Republican John Sweeney in the 20th Congressional District. As Brian Mann reports, one of the unions backing Gillibrand is the New York State United Teachers with more than half a million members statewide.  Go to full article
Congressman Sweeney working the parade in Schuylerville
Congressman Sweeney working the parade in Schuylerville

GOP's Sweeney swims hard in shifting currents

Congressman John Sweeney represents much of the North Country. The Republican has won re-election easily in the past, but this year faces a surprisingly stiff challenge from Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Sweeney stumbled earlier in the spring, plagued by health concerns, ethics questions, and by a flap over his appearance at a frat party. But as Brian Mann reports, Sweeney is campaigning hard and hopes to focus voters attention on the federal tax money that he's won for his district.  Go to full article

Gillibrand takes Dem message to North Country

Political observers say this could be a tough election year for Republicans. President Bush's sagging popularity, the war in Iraq, and scandals in Washington have left some GOP incumbents vulnerable. Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand hopes the national mood will boost her chances against incumbent John Sweeney. Gillibrand is in the middle of a swing through the North Country this week. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

ORDA hearings resume in Albany

Yesterday's announcement in Lake Placid came at a time when Assembly Democrats are scrutinizing the management of the Olympic Regional Development Authority. A hearing is scheduled to resume this afternoon into the appropriateness of a gathering, Congressional Challenge, held last winter, and co-hosted by Republican Congressman John Sweeney, ORDA, and the New York Power Authority. As Brian Mann reports, top Republicans, including Governor Pataki, say the gathering was ethical.  Go to full article
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Hudson)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Hudson)

In North Country Congressional Race, National Attention Fills War Chests

The race for the North Country congressional seat now held by Republican John Sweeney is drawing national attention and national money. The district includes Glens Falls and much of the Adirondacks. The latest campaign documents released this week show that Sweeney and top Democratic challenger Kirsten Gillibrand both raised more than $300,000 in the first quarter of this year. As Brian Mann reports, a growing number of national Democrats and Republicans see the 20th congressional district as one of the top match-ups in the country.  Go to full article
Congressman John Sweeney (Source:  Sweeney)
Congressman John Sweeney (Source: Sweeney)

GOP Rep. Sweeney Faces Ethics Questions After Lake Placid Gathering

Republican Congressman John Sweeney is facing tough questions over his involvement in a weekend retreat last January in Lake Placid that included more than twenty of his staff, family-members, and supporters. The New York Power Authority paid for the event, which had a price tag of $25,000. It was hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority. The roster of guests included powerful Republicans, including the brother and sister of former White House chief of staff Andrew Card and a top GOP lawyer who has represented Tom DeLay. At least four Democrats also attended, including aides to Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada. Organizers say the trip was a legitimate effort to build federal support for Olympic venues in Lake Placid. But as Brian Mann reports, critics say the gathering was a taxpayer-sponsored vacation for politicians and lobbyists.  Go to full article

Sweeney Ailment Diagnosed, Files Probed

Doctors say inflamed blood vessels in the brain have caused north country Congressman John Sweeney to experience spikes in dangerous blood pressure and intense headaches. Sweeney has been hospitalized several times in the last few weeks. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Sweeney Faces Challenge

Republican Congressman John Sweeney faces a re-election challenge this year. Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, an attorney from Hudson and New York City announced her candidacy last month. Sweeney has also has been in the news lately because of medical concerns that forced him to check into an Albany hospital. Doctors reported he was suffering from potentially life-threatening high blood pressure. Brian Mann discussed the race with Mark Mahoney. He's editorial page editor with the Glens Falls Post Star.  Go to full article

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