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Questions about a GM clean-up

In a settlement deal between General Motors and the White House, the car maker will set aside nearly three quarters of a billion dollars for environmental clean up of contaminated properties. The public got to weigh in on plans for a site near Syracuse last night. As the Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden reports, there are worries about PCBs.  Go to full article
The GM Powertrain Plant in Massena
The GM Powertrain Plant in Massena

Demolition to begin at GM plant

Demolition of the former General Motors plant in Massena will begin next month. The project is expected to take nearly two years because of toxic contamination at site. The Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden reports.  Go to full article

EPA forces clean up at General Motors' Massena plant

The post-bailout arm of General Motors that's in charge of liquidating failed assets of the car-maker wants to tear down the Powertrain plant in Massena. The plant closed for good last year. But the buildings, the equipment, and the soil underneath is contaminated with toxic PCB oil. Federal environment officials now say Motors Liquidation Company has to clean it all up before demolition can begin. As David Sommerstein reports, the extent of the contamination has some former workers and the Massena community worried.  Go to full article

$2,000 or $12 million? GM plant assessment may end up in court

A $12 million dispute over the former General Motors engine plant in Massena may soon end up in court.

The plant shut down permanently last year. When GM declared bankruptcy it spun off a holding company to handle its shuttered properties. This includes the site on the St Lawrence River in Massena.

Motors Liquidation Corp. is suing the town for a re-assessment of the property. Executives say it should have a value of $2,000 dollars. Town officials say the 224-acre waterfront property, with its 890,000 square foot building, is worth $12 million.  Go to full article

GM to be demolished

St. Lawrence County economic developers were hoping to find a new tenant for the shuttered General Motors plant in Massena. But it appears the building will have to be demolished. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Wind-turbine maker eyes shuttered GM plant in Massena

An investment group is looking at the shuttered General Motors engine plant in Massena as a potential manufacturing site for wind turbines. Jonathan Brown reports.  Go to full article
Proposed Massena Community Center. Source: Salvation Army
Proposed Massena Community Center. Source: Salvation Army

Massena abandons Kroc center plans

Another blow for the reeling community of Massena. After years of work and planning, the village is giving up on its bid to build a $25-million community center. Massena was the only town in Upstate New York to win a highly competitive Kroc grant to build the facility. But the community couldn't raise enough money to fulfill the grant requirements. Massena town supervisor Gary Edwards says the community is shocked and disappointed. Massena has been devastated by job losses, with about 1000 layoffs this year, including the permanent closure of the General Motors plant and the temporary shutdown of an Alcoa smelter. Massena had to raise $2.4 million in operating expenses for the Ray and Joan Kroc foundation to give $23 million for the construction and endowment for a state-of-the-art community center. Major Donald Lance is the regional division commander for the Salvation Army, which was leading the campaign and would have run the center. He told David Sommerstein after three years of fundraising, the campaign had only raised a third of its goal.  Go to full article

GM prolongs life of Massena plant

Operations at the General Motors engine plant in Massena will be extended as fuel costs drive demand for small aluminum engine blocks. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article
Transparent view of the Chevy Volt, which could be in showrooms in the next few years. (Photo courtesy of GM)
Transparent view of the Chevy Volt, which could be in showrooms in the next few years. (Photo courtesy of GM)

GM electric car--not just PR stunt?

General Motors killed their last electric car in the 1990s. Now the automaker is working on a new car that could go 40 miles on electricity alone. The car could be in showrooms in two to three years. Dustin Dwyer visited the shop where the new Chevy Volt is being designed.  Go to full article
Self-portraits by Cindy Levean (above) and Ray Thibault (below) are a part of the exhibit in Massena.
Self-portraits by Cindy Levean (above) and Ray Thibault (below) are a part of the exhibit in Massena.

Portraits of blue-collar life & loss in Massena

2007 was a roller coaster year for Massena. It ended with the security of knowing Alcoa will keep almost 1,000 jobs in the company town. But in May, hundreds of people's lives were turned upside-down. General Motors announced it will close its plant there, laying off about 500 workers. A new art project aims to make those people more than statistics in the global shift of manufacturing. A half dozen workers and family members used photography and journaling to tell their stories as their lives change forever. Their exhibit is up at the local union hall in Massena through January 17th. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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