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News stories tagged with "good-government"

NY candidates fail "open-ness" test

New Yorkers running for office this year are near the bottom of a non-partisan government watchdog group's "open-ness" scale.
Project Vote Smart asks candidates to share their views on issues in an annual survey. In New York, only 25 percent of Congressional candidates would. The national response rate was 48 percent. Vote Smart says voters are the losers. VoteSmart contacts candidates each election cycle. Willing candidates are sent a questionnaire - the N-PAT, National Political Awareness test. Mary Gillespie, research coordinator for Vote Smart said response rates have fallen dramatically over the last three election cycles. Congressional candidate responses were at their high in New York in 1996 - 61 percent. She told Martha Foley Vote Smart is hearing a couple of reasons for the decline.  Go to full article

Groups Seek to Strengthen Government Ethics Enforcement

Good government groups are asking Governor Pataki to scrap the current State Ethics Law in favor of a stronger measure. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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