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No clear frontrunner in NY21 GOP primary

Tuesday, voters will decide the outcome of the bitter Republican primary that has pitted Watertown businessman Matt Doheny against Elise Stefanik.

Stefanik is an experienced GOP policy adviser whose family owns a seasonal home in Willsboro in Essex County. This race had looked to be a sleepy one.

But then Congressman Bill Owens, a Democrat, decided not to seek reelection and that shifted the Republican primary into high gear. Brian Mann and David Sommerstein spoke with Todd Moe about tomorrow's vote.  Go to full article
GOP candidates for the NY-21 congressional seat: Elise Stefanik (left) and Matt Doheny
GOP candidates for the NY-21 congressional seat: Elise Stefanik (left) and Matt Doheny

NY-21: GOP primary heats up, but who's paying attention?

Believe it or not, the primary election in New York is just a month away. It's long been held in September, but the date was moved up this year, in part to get a jump on the national political calendar.

But the timing is pressurizing primary contests, including the Republican primary race for the North Country's Congressional seat. There's news from both Matt Doheny's and Elise Stefanik's campaigns. Reporter David Sommerstein joined Martha Foley to talk about the latest in the race.  Go to full article

Chemung County sheriff is GOP Lieutenant Gov. pick

Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss will be the first African-American GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, now that he's been nominated at the Republican convention.

Moss says he grew up just outside Elmira, on a farm, and where his father ran a restaurant. But he says he's seen his hometown decline over the years, people have left and drugs and crime have risen. Moss believes hydrofracking could help the economy. But the two-time elected sheriff received the loudest applause when he called for repeal of the gun control laws championed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and known as the SAFE Act.

"We're going to enact smart gun legislation, that isn't against the property owner, the law abiding citizen," Moss said, as the audience stood to applaud. "That legislation should have been geared towards criminals and towards helping to make sure that firearms don't fall into the hands of the mentally ill."

Moss says he also wants to fight corruption in state government, saying the Capitol's culture gives "organized crime a whole new meaning."  Go to full article
Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Karen DeWitt.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Karen DeWitt.

Who will run against Cuomo in 2014?

Now that this year's elections are over, the political world is gearing up for the 2014 contestsGovernor Cuomo is expected to seek another term, and so far no one has officially said that they will run against him.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny thanks supporters Tuesday night. Photo: David Sommerstein
Matt Doheny thanks supporters Tuesday night. Photo: David Sommerstein

NY21: Doheny hustle falls short

Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny lost a second straight close election to Democratic Congressman Bill Owens. With the race neck and neck most of the night, Owens took a 4,000 vote lead late.  Go to full article

Cuomo offers McDonald endorsement

Governor Cuomo has crossed party lines and offered a political endorsement to Republican Senator Roy McDonald, who lost a primary this month after voting to support same-sex marriage.

In a letter released by his staff, Cuomo tells state Sen. McDonald that it's "evident" McDonald "paid a price" for his convictions when the senator agreed to be one of four Republican votes needed to pass New York's same-sex marriage bill. The governor laments what he says is the "disproportionate power of the political extremists," and writes to McDonald "you should not be left to stand alone now."  Go to full article
This is where the money is, this is where the media is... New york can have a huge impact on a presidential campaign.

NY GOP looks past Tuesday's primary to election

New York's Presidential primary is Tuesday, but the initial excitement over the vote vanished when Rick Santorum dropped out earlier this month. State GOP leaders say they are looking ahead to the general election instead. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
The GOP got a boost from the approval of their redrawing of Senate district lines. Source: LATFOR
The GOP got a boost from the approval of their redrawing of Senate district lines. Source: LATFOR

NY Senate Republicans get a boost

It's still seven months until Election Day, but Senate Republicans, who hold a one-seat edge in that chamber, were given a boost after several favorable recent events. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
There has been a disturbing pattern on the part of the majority of stifling debate.

Partisan tensions rising in state Senate

Senate Republicans are claiming victory in a too-close-to-call special election in Brooklyn. A win by the GOP candidate could spell another blow to minority party Democrats in the Senate.

Beleaguered Democrats already charge the Senate GOP has been using house rules to further stifle them. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention

In fiery GOP convention address, Pataki says Obama "stealing from our future"

Republicans gathered in Rochester Friday to pick a candidate to challenge Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Former governor George Pataki was the keynote speaker at the Republican convention in Rochester. Pataki praised the current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, saying Cuomo's "made some very positive steps."

But Pataki gave a fiery speech against President Barack Obama and he says this year's election is a fight for the very "soul" of the nation.  Go to full article

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