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Minority Dems protest Senate rule changes

Democrats in the New York State Senate are smarting over rules changes proposed by Republicans they say would "gut" the powers of Democratic Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy.

They are calling on GOP Senators to change their minds when the proposal comes up for a vote again next week. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
The Republican members of the Senate represent upstate more than the Democrat members doand I think this will bring more balance.

GOP resurgence could boost North Country clout in Albany

When New York's legislature convenes next session, Republicans will once again hold a razor-thin majority in the state Senate. That could give the North Country more influence at the capitol. All three North Country senators, Joe Griffo, Patty Ritchie, and Betty Little, are Republicans.

The stronger North Country voice comes as important decisions are being made, decisions that will have deep impact in the region: funding for healthcare and schools and the future of state facilities like prions and Sunmount.
Martha Foley spoke with Brian Mann about the coming shift in power.  Go to full article

Conservative-Republican feud reaches "watershed moment" in 23rd CD race

There was an unexpected face among Democrat Andrew Cuomo's entourage yesterday in Lowville: Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava. She says she's supporting Cuomo's bid for governor because he's got the best chance of reforming Albany. Scozzafava made headlines in last fall's bitter special election for the 23rd Congressional District seat, which had been held by Republicans for over a century. Democrat Bill Owens went on to win that race over Conservative Doug Hoffman.

Owens is defending the seat this fall. Once again, there's a divisive battle shaping up within the Republican Party, as Hoffman challenges the party local leadership on their choice of Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny. Brian Mann has more.  Go to full article

Republicans help Democrats avoid NYS gov shutdown

If there's no state budget in place next week, New Yorkers can expect another showdown over an emergency spending bill.

Last night the Legislature averted an unprecedented shutdown of state government by approving another of the budget extenders that have kept government operating since the new fiscal year began April 1. Lawmakers will have to vote on another emergency extender next week if there's no agreement on a comprehensive state budget by then.

Last night's key vote came in the Senate. The Democrat-led chamber approved Gov. David Paterson's latest budget extension, which included human services cuts. But the majority needed help from the Republican minority to do it. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

Budget talks devolve, threatening government shut down

Lawmakers in Albany are raising the scenario of a government shut down next week if they do not iron out their differences over the late state budget. As Karen DeWitt reports, Democrats and Republicans are already pointing fingers over who might be to blame, if the government stops running.  Go to full article

Behind the scenes at the GOP convention

Media coverage of a political party's convention announces nominations, reveals floor fights and arguments, and details balloting and speech-making.
But conventions are also a gathering of the faithful -- people who make the wheels turn, and who love the give and take of the political process. People we don't always meet.
WSHU's Charles Lane was at the Republican Party convention in Manhattan this week. He covered the news and the nominations, but he also captured some of the behind-the-scenes action in this audio postcard. (See the video in The Inbox.)  Go to full article

Fragmented GOP wraps up convention today

Republican conventioneers will end their nominating convention in Manhattan today by considering who'll run against incumbent democratic U.S. Sena. Kirsten Gillibrand. There are three contenders, and a primary is likely.
It'll be just the latest disagreement in a series of disoutes at the convention. A skirmish for the gubernatorial nod ended yesterday with former Congressman Rick Lazio's nomination. He overcame a challenge from fellow Long Islander Steve Levy, a conservative Democrat backed by the GOP state chairman, Ed Cox.
Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

GOP unity remains an open question

At their state convention yesterday, NY Republicans picked Rick Lazio to run as their candidate for Governor. Lazio's campaign quickly issued a press release saying he's unified New York's GOP.

But Democrat-running-as-Republican Steve Levy garnered nearly 30 percent of the vote in the first round of convention balloting. And though it wasn't enough, more than 40 percent of conventioneers said Levy's name should appear on a primary ballot in September.
Party chairman Ed Cox pushed Levy's challenge of Lazio. Several prominent voices within the party denounced Cox for supporting the Democrat to lead the GOP ticket. There've been rumblings about his leadership.
Yesterday he dismissed the idea that the outcome was an expression of no confidence.
The son-in-law of President Richard Nixon said he doesn't plan to resign as chairman and no one has asked him to.
Lazio called this--quote--"Just a family fight."

To get a better sense of what's happening with the Repblican Party as the convention nears its close, we turned to Jimmy Vielkind, a reporter with the Capitol Bureau of the Albany Times Union. He was on the convention floor yesterday when Jonathan Brown asked him if the state's Republicans now seem unified.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny in Canton recently.
Matt Doheny in Canton recently.

NY 23rd Race: Doheny parses "good" and "bad" government

Alexandria Bay businessman Matt Doheny came into the race for the 23rd Congressional district with a liability. His main competition for the Republican primary, Douglas Hoffman, had massive name recognition after last year's special election. But Doheny has out-fundraised Hoffman. And he's secured more support from GOP county chairs. He sat down recently with David Sommerstein. In a moment, we'll hear his stance on immigration reform. He believes illegal immigrant farmworkers should have to go home before they can apply for a guest worker program. First, Doheny talks about his opposition to the federal stimulus package. In his stump speech, Doheny distinguishes between "good" and "bad" government spending. He supports federal spending at Fort Drum, and on roads and highways and bridges. And he's for spending on education.  Go to full article
Matthew Flynn is one of the youngest GOP candidates preaching fiscal conservatism.
Matthew Flynn is one of the youngest GOP candidates preaching fiscal conservatism.

GOP preaches fiscal conservatism in November

Republicans nationwide believe they're riding favorable winds to big victories in November. And the sail is emblazoned with a simple message: fiscal conservatism. The details of how the GOP would downsize government - and what that would mean for North Country jobs - is still a bit fuzzy.

Republican candidates held a meet-and-greet in Ogdensburg last week. David Sommerstein took the opportunity to ask them what they'd cut.  Go to full article

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