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Steve Levy, now a Republican, in Ogdenbsurg
Steve Levy, now a Republican, in Ogdenbsurg

Steve Levy: 'There would never be a late budget'

Suffolk County executive Steve Levy brought his campaign for Governor to Ogdensburg on Wednesday. He mingled with St. Lawrence County Republicans at a meet-the-candidates night at the Freighthouse restaurant. Levy switched parties from Democrat to Republican for this race. Some of his Democratic donors are demanding he return their campaign contributions. Levy told David Sommerstein he would not allow a late state budget if he were Governor. He says if the legislature couldn't pass a budget by the deadline, his executive budget would take effect.  Go to full article

Scozzafava steps out of Assembly race

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava announced yesterday she will not run for re-election in November. The six-term Republican told the Watertown Daily Times it was "time to take a breather and go in a different direction."

The Gouverneur native drew national attention last year in the bruising 23rd Congressional district special election. Scozzafava dropped out of the race days before election day in the face of a strong, bitter campaign from Conservative Doug Hoffman. Then she shocked the GOP establishment when she threw her support behind Democrat Bill Owens, who narrowly won. Shortly after the race, Scozzafava was stripped of her leadership position in the Assembly.

Scozzafava's failed campaign spawned a new verb among political insiders. "To be Scozzafava-ed" refers to a moderate Republican who's muscled out by a strong candidate from the right.

Scozzafava's decision leaves Jefferson County legislative chairman Ken Blankenbush, also a Republican, as the lone declared candidate in the 122nd Assembly district. The district includes all of Lewis County and parts of Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties.  Go to full article
Carl Paladino
Carl Paladino

Paladino in for governor, promises shake up in Albany

The field in the race for governor of New York State grew yesterday. Western New York businessman Carl Paladino is the latest in a group of Republicans promising to shake up Albany. He's talking about creating a "tea party" line on the November ballot. Paladino says he'll start by filing petitions to win a place on the GOP primary ballot. He made his announcement in Buffalo yesterday. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Assemblyman Brian Kolb heads the GOP caucus in the Assembly (Source: NYS Assembly)
Assemblyman Brian Kolb heads the GOP caucus in the Assembly (Source: NYS Assembly)

Republican Assembly leader: Moderates welcome

The Republican Party in New York state has suffered some painful blows in the last decade. The GOP has lost every statewide election and seen its congressional delegation nearly wiped out, even losing House seats here in the North Country. Brian Kolb leads the GOP's minority caucus in the state Assembly. His caucus holds only about a quarter of the seats in the Assembly. In large part that's because the increasingly conservative Republican Party has struggled to compete in New York City. Kolb spoke with Brian Mann this week about the future of his party. He says a nearly two-to-one voter-enrollment advantage gives Democrats a big headstart.  Go to full article

GOP "purity" test ripples through North Country politics

The North Country has seen more than its share of political upheavals over the last several years. For the first time in decades, the region is represented by a Democrat, Darrel Aubertine, in the state Senate. The region has also elected three Democrats to Congress: Mike Arcuri, Scott Murphy and Bill Owens. Last week, Conservative Doug Hoffman finally conceded the 23rd congressional district race to Owens.

These elections represent stunning reversals for the once-dominant upstate Republican Party. And they've caught the attention of the national media, including a television appearance yesterday by Republican Dede Scozzafava. Her withdrawal and endorsement of Owens in the closing days of the 23rd CD race brought questions of her party's identity into sharp focus. Brian Mann covered the 23rd CD race for NCPR and NPR. Martha Foley spoke with him about this latest chapter.  Go to full article
Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman is forcing Republican Dede Scozzafava into a two-front race.
Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman is forcing Republican Dede Scozzafava into a two-front race.

Feud among national conservatives could hurt Scozzafava candidacy

In just four weeks, voters will go to the polls to replace former North Country Congressman John McHugh, who was appointed Secretary of the Army. The candidates are out on the campaign trail talking about jobs and taxes and healthcare. But one of the biggest factors shaping the race for New York's 23d district is a bitter ideological feud within the national conservative movement. Many activist groups in Washington DC think Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava is too liberal. They're backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. As Brian Mann reports, the fierce infighting on the right could throw the election to Democrat Bill Owens.  Go to full article

WEB AUDIO: Scozzafava & her brother's investment company

Republican candidate for the 23rd congressional district, Dede Scozzafava, explains to David Sommerstein that she has no connection to her brother's venture capital firm, Seaway Valley Capital Corp., which owes $192,000 in state and federal taxes.  Go to full article
NY Sen. Darrel Aubertine
NY Sen. Darrel Aubertine

Aubertine supports power sharing, for Power for Jobs

(TEXT ONLY) The fight for control of the state Senate enter its 12th day today. There were negotiations behind closed doors yesterday. And the Republicans-plus-one coalition members convened in the Senate, but didn't have the quorum necessary to do business. That briefly focused a bright light of speculation on North Country Democrat Darrel Aubertine.

Rules of the chamber require a quorum of 32 Senators. But the Democratic and Republican-dominated voting blocs are evenly split, 31-31. And Democrats have refused to physically enter the Senate chamber since the coalition "coup" last week.

Yesterday, it appeared Aubertine would enter the chamber. Republican leader Dean Skelos says Aubertine asked the coalition to vote on renewing "Power for Jobs." The program ensures low-cost electricity for companies employing large numbers of workers in the North Country.

Speaking with reporters yesterday afternoon, Skelos said he asked Aubertine to join them in the chamber, "but he's opted not to."

Aubertine confirmed to the Albany Times Union that he was prepared to work with Republicans in order to renew "Power for Jobs." Spokesman Drew Mangione says that action was contingent on a bipartisan power agreement only. He said Aubertine was never considering becoming part of a Dean Skelos- or Pedro Espada-led coalition.

Yesterday afternoon, Aubertine issued a statement calling Democrat Espada's leadership role "unacceptable" and demanded that his title be revoked.  Go to full article

BREAKING: Obama taps McHugh for secretary of the army

President Barack Obama has chosen Republican congressman John McHugh to be the new secretary of the army, adding to the ranks of opposition party figures in his administration. Obama said that McHugh, who has represented northern New York -- including Ft. Drum -- since 1993, is committed to keeping America's army "the best trained, the best equipped, the best land force the world has ever seen."

The president said that in his new job, McHugh will make sure the country's troops can handle the new kinds of combat in the 21st century, including non-conventional warfare. McHugh has been a key member of the House Armed Services Committee. Obama said that as secretary, McHugh also will understand the needs of America's servicemen and women.

There's immediate speculation about who might replace McHugh in Congress if he's confirmed as secretary of the Army. The 23rd CD is rural and heavily Republican. McHugh's replacement in Congress will likely be decided by a special election. NCPR will have more on this story during All Before Five.  Go to full article
Rep. John McHugh
Rep. John McHugh

McHugh seeks minority post

North Country Congressman John McHugh is among three Republicans aiming to take the top GOP spot on the prestigious House Armed Services Committee. McHugh will make his case to the House Republican Steering Committee today. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

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