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News stories tagged with "grass-fed"

The "Certified Natural New York" logo
The "Certified Natural New York" logo

Farmer promotes NNY meats downstate

For several years, agriculture officials in New York have been pushing hard to make the connection between Upstate farms and downstate markets. A Jefferson County farmer has launched his own effort. Steve Winkler of Lucky Seven Livestock in Rodman has created a new label called "Certified Natural New York." He's distributing pork, lamb, beef, and chicken from 40 farms around the state, including about a dozen in northern New York, to stores like Wegmans and Whole Foods in metropolitan areas. Winkler told David Sommerstein "Certified Natural New York" ensures meats are produced under certain guidelines.  Go to full article

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Meat

Grass fed meat is a hot topic in culinary circles. A symposium this weekend will bring farmers and chefs together at Paul Smith's College. Martha Foley talks with Richard Brousseau, Chef and owner of Richard's Freestyle on Lake Placid's Main Street.  Go to full article

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