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Great Sacandaga Lake
Great Sacandaga Lake

On Great Sacandaga Lake, A Feud Over Beach Rights

The Hudson River Black River Regulating District faces new criticism over management of the state-owned shoreline at Great Sacandaga Lake. More than 120 miles of public beach is leased each year by the authority to thousands of property owners. Most of the permit-holders own land adjacent to the reservoir. But roughly 1800 so-called "back lot" permits are held by people who own homes within a mile of the shore. State officials now say some of those permits won't be allowed to transfer when properties are sold to new owners. Instead, the permits will be turned over to "front lot" homeowners who live next to the lake. As Brian Mann reports, critics say the policy is unfair and could cost them tens of thousands of dollars.  Go to full article
The car driven by slain civil rights activists the night they<br />died.
The car driven by slain civil rights activists the night they

Civil Rights Martyr Honored in Tupper Lake

In the days before their deaths in Mississippi, in 1964, two civil rights activists from New York State visited the Adirondacks. Michael Schwerner, who was 24-years-old, vacationed with friends on Great Sacandaga Lake. Andrew Goodman, who was twenty, visited his family's retreat, Shelter Cove Camp, on Tupper Lake. Goodman grew up spending his summers at the lake. People there have worked to make sure that the Goodman name is remembered in the community. In 2002, they petitioned the Federal government to name a mountain in Andrew Goodman's honor. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

North Country Dam Agency Draws Audit Rebuke

The state comptroller is slamming the Hudson River Black River Regulating District for mismanagement and possible corruption. The District manages dams and waterways stretch from the Fulton Chain and Indian Lake to the Hudson River and Great Sacandaga Lake. As Brian Mann reports, an audit issued yesterday found that the agency lacked proper checks and balances for its six-million dollar budget.  Go to full article

Great Sacandaga Lake Backgrounder

Martha Foley talks with Brian Mann to get some background about Great Sacandaga Lake and its history.  Go to full article

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