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News stories tagged with "green-power"

Cow Manure to Power SUNY Canton

Manure is a headache for every dairy farmer. Canton Farmer Joe TeRiele says its the most expensive part of farming. Even though his farm is considered small - he has around 800 cows - those cows produce over 14,000 gallons of manure and wastewater a day.

TeRiele stores the manure and uses it for fertilizer. Starting next fall, he'll be getting electricity from the manure as well. Next-door SUNY Canton is building a methane digester on the TeRiele farm - it will supply electricity to the farm and the college.  Go to full article

Pataki Promotes "Green Power"

Marketers of alternative energy are excited about a plan by Governor Pataki's administration to increase the use of alternative fuels in New York. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Utilities Struggle to Sell "Green" Power

Many utilities across the country have begun so-called "green power" programs. They offer customers energy produced from renewable resources, such as wind or water - if customers agree to pay higher rates. Niagara Mohawk allows customers to choose from four mixes of wind, hydro and bioenergy. But only 7,700 of NiMo's more than half a million customers have signed on. Municipal - or public - power companies are having the same trouble, despite their smaller scale and closer relationship with their owners. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Erin Toner has more.  Go to full article

New Yorkers Sign Up for "Green" Power

About nine thousand New York electricity customers have signed up to receive power from "green" sources like hydro or wind. Jody Tosti has more.  Go to full article

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