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NY already bans high-capacity magazines, such as these displayed on an Arizona gun shop wall. Photo: <a href=""> Mike Saechang</a> CC <a href=>some rights reserved</a>
NY already bans high-capacity magazines, such as these displayed on an Arizona gun shop wall. Photo: Mike Saechang CC some rights reserved

Cuomo: strengthen federal gun laws, close state loopholes

Governor Cuomo says federal gun laws need to be strengthened, and he says New York State's assault weapons ban has loopholes that need to be closed.

Governor Cuomo says the state already has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, so the focus should really be on the strengthening of federal laws, where a ban on assault weapons was allowed to lapse in 2004. But he says the state's assault weapons ban should be tightened, too. For instance, the semi-automatic weapon used in the Newtown shootings is legal in New York.  Go to full article
One proposed change would require an identifying microstamp on shell casings. Photo: <a href="">David Stillman</a>. cc <a href="">some rights reserved</a>
One proposed change would require an identifying microstamp on shell casings. Photo: David Stillman. cc some rights reserved

Cuomo plans to make gun crime a priority in next session

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Governor Cuomo says curbing gun violence will be a priority in the next legislative session. Cuomo's a long time advocate of stricter gun control law, but hasn't pushed the issue as governor. That's going to change, he says.  Go to full article
The police department is going to... have an extra presence indefinitely, until we feel we're back to normal.

Watertown police, schools trace gun threat

Watertown police continue to work with the Watertown City School District to find out who threatened to bring a gun to school earlier this week.  Go to full article

North Country gun thefts spike sharply in 2008

State police say the number of guns stolen across the North Country grew dramatically last year. 116 firearms were stolen, with most of the thefts coming in Clinton and Franklin Counties. That was up from just seventy-five in 2007. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Commentary: school shootings - pulling back from the brink

Last week brought more tragic school shooting attacks, culminating at Northern Illinois University. A gunman entered a class there Thursday, killing six students and wounding 18 others before taking his own life. The man was a former student. Commentator Paul Hetzler remembers scraping very close to that edge of violence himself, and offers one answer to the question: why? -- and its flipside: why not?  Go to full article

Very Special Place: Dick?s Country Store and Music Oasis

The northern edge of Franklin and Clinton Counties is a guitar fan's paradise. Not only is Malone home to one of the world's best-known inlay artists, Dave Nichols, but Orville Gibson, founder of the Gibson Guitar Company, was born in Chateauguay and is buried in Malone. And a few miles east of Chateauguay on a quiet stretch of Route 11, is a store that attracts guitar players, hunters and passers-by whose cars, and stomachs, are running on empty. Today, NCPR and TAUNY, Traditional Arts in Upstate New York, continue our look at some very special places in the North Country. In the shadows of some newly-constructed wind turbines is Dick's Country Store and Music Oasis in Churubusco. Earlier this summer Varick Chittenden and Joel Hurd visited the store and learned why musicians and hunters travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to this North Country landmark.  Go to full article

Pataki signs new gun law

Governor Pataki signed a bill into law that will make New York the toughest state in the nation in punishing those who carry loaded, illegal handguns. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Albany Agrees to Toughen Gun Laws

In a special session of the legislature, Governor Pataki and legislative leaders have reached agreement on new laws to stiffen penalties against the use of illegal guns, and to protect police officers. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Legislature Convenes Special Session Wednesday

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is urging Governor George Pataki and Democrats in the Assembly to come to an agreement on laws to stiffen penalties for cop-killers and to curb the illegal gun trade, during a special session planned for Wednesday. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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