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The National Cathedral of Haiti in Port au Prince, 2/7/10. Photo: Mark Dye
The National Cathedral of Haiti in Port au Prince, 2/7/10. Photo: Mark Dye

A North Country photojournalist in Haiti

The passing of time and the latest news, including the earthquake in Chile, has pushed Haiti down in the headlines. But the recovery and rebuilding continues in the devastated country. Photojournalist Mark Dye experienced that devastation last month, when he went to cover the effects of the earthquake for AOL News and This American Life. Mark Dye used to live in Potsdam, where he reported for the Watertown Daily Times. You may have heard him on North Country Public Radio talking about a trip he took to Iraq in 2005. Dye flew into Santo Domingo 19 days after the earthquake hit and crossed the border into Haiti. He told David Sommerstein people were still in the early stages of recovery.  Go to full article

WEB EXTRA: Mark Dye in Haiti

Listen to photojournalist Mark Dye tell a story about crossing the border from the Dominican Republica into Haiti, and more about his photos.  Go to full article
Dylia, with pictures of her parents
Dylia, with pictures of her parents

Watching her Haitian homeland from the North Country

It's been more than two weeks since a powerful earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti, leaving tens of thousands dead and many more scrambling for food, water, shelter and health care.

Shortly after the quake, we spoke with Dylia Claydon. She grew up in Haiti and now lives in the St Lawrence County town of West Stockholm, near Potsdam. Jonathan Brown paid Dylia a visit to hear her thoughts on disaster relief in her homeland and her hopes and fears of what lies ahead for Haiti.  Go to full article

NYS registry of people missing in Haiti, and a warning about scams

An online registry to gather names of New Yorkers missing on Haiti will go live today at noon. It's intended to help in what's expected to be the long and difficult process of finding people missing in the aftermath of the earthquake.

A website and toll free number will offer ways to register names of people who haven't been accounted for, and collect contact information. Gov. David Paterson says the information won't be used or shared for any reason but locating and identifying family and friends.
The hotline number is 1-888-769-7243. Find the link to the registry below.

The state Consumer Protection Board is warning people eager to help earthquake victims to beware of scams. The agency says scammers may try to gain access to credit card information and bank accounts to commit identity theft, and unscrupulous charities may seek donations but send little -- if any -- to earthquake victims. Information is available online. These links below, too.  Go to full article

North Country woman remembers better days of Haiti's past

There are still only estimates of the death toll from Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. Authorities say it could reach 50,000 people. Meanwhile, survivors are coping with continuing aftershocks as they wait for help.

Emergency aid workers in Haiti say tempers are growing short and more security is needed. There are reports of looting in Haiti's capital. The U.N. World Food Program says it doesn't yet know how much is missing from its pre-earthquake stockpile of 15,000 tons of food.

Dylia Claydon is watching closely from her home in West Stockholm, near Potsdam. She grew up in Haiti, the daughter Christian Lanoue, who, she says, was prime minister in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Claydon is now 82. Her family fled the country in 1958, after Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier rose to power.
She told Jonathan Brown she has family on the island.  Go to full article

Commentary: Haitian Solar Power

Sometimes it seems like we've been taking giant steps backwards in our efforts to care for the earth. But as commentator Elle Garrell Berger reports, there is some good news from a place - often overlooked - that offers hope and a reason to be thankful.  Go to full article

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