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An early Weston landscape (Source: Adk Museum)
An early Weston landscape (Source: Adk Museum)

Remembering an Adirondack painter's "Wild Exuberance"

The artist Harold Weston spent much of his life, living and painting in Keene Valley. He passed away in 1972. Weston is largely forgotten now in the art world. He's remembered regionally as an Adirondack landscape painter and the author of a book about the mountains called "Freedom of the Wilds." But in the years before World War 2 he was one of the most acclaimed painters, activists, and organizers in America. His work evolved dramatically over the decades, from landscapes to nudes to 1960s abstractions. The Adirondack Museum is featuring Weston this summer in an exhibition called "Wild Exuberance." Brian Mann spoke about the show with curator Caroline Welsh.  Go to full article

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