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News stories tagged with "health-care-reform"

Sherman Hurlbert, a patient at Moreau Family Health Center. Photo: Sarah Harris
Sherman Hurlbert, a patient at Moreau Family Health Center. Photo: Sarah Harris

In the Adirondacks, a new model of primary care

The health industry in upstate New York is undergoing some rapid transformations - but there's also a shortage of primary care physicians. Medical practices across the eastern Adirondacks are working together to try and change that.  Go to full article
I think my colleagues on the other side will have to interact with one another to reach a consensus for where they’re going.

Owens predicts vigorous discussion of GOP agenda

The 112th Congress was sworn in this week. Republican John Boehner was elected speaker of the new Republican majority, taking the gavel from Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Tops on the GOP agenda is repeal of health care reform passed last year, and targeted spending cuts as the budget process ramps up.

North Country Congressman Bill Owens was among the Democrats who survived November's election. He defeated Alexandria Bay Republican Matt Doheny to win his first full-term representing New York's 23rd Congressional District. Owens says the attempt to repeal health care is a mistake, though changes are needed. He expects vigorous discussion of the GOP's other priorities as well, but he sees hope for more bipartisanship in the House. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

A follow-up on Washington's prescriptions for health care reform

A new Associated Press poll suggests Americans hold a widely shared conviction that major health care changes are needed. But they're virtually split down the middle on whether health care plans being discussed in Congress are the right way to go. The poll suggests Americans are worried that the fine print could cost them money, and that opponents have stronger feelings on the issue than do supporters. In May, Martha Foley spoke with David Acker, CEO of Canton Potsdam Hospital, about how the health care reform conversation was shaping up for small hospitals, in rural areas like the North Country. He was back in the studio this morning, for a follow-up conversation.  Go to full article

Hospital CEO says health care reform must include fundamental change

President Barack Obama meets today with business executives to talk to them about the high price of health care. In a meeting at the White House yesterday, representatives of hospitals, insurance companies, drug makers and doctors promised to cut $2 trillion in costs over 10 years by improving coordination, focusing on efficiency and embracing better technology and regulatory reform. Obama calls their pledge a watershed event in a long and elusive quest for health care reform. Many lawmakers are skeptical. And the President acknowledges the step will be meaningful only if it is part of a larger and successful effort toward universal health care coverage for Americans. Martha Foley spoke with David Acker, CEO of Canton-Potsdam Hospital, about how the federal health care reform discussion plays out in rural northern New York.  Go to full article

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