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Family concerned about cuts to heating assistance program

Funding for the federal program that helps people pay heating costs is being cut dramatically this year. St. Lawrence County social services says more than one-fourth of households in the county get money through HEAP - the home energy assistance program. Administrators are worried, and are warning residents - expect your benefits to be cut in half.

Julie Grant visited with Linda Jobes and her 85-year old father Leslie Howard. Howard lives in a trailer on the same lot where Jobes, her husband, and his 89-year old mother live near DeKalb.  Go to full article

Strained household budgets create skyrocketing demand for heating aid

As every driver has noticed, prices at the pump have been falling for more than three months now. The cost of heating oil is also coming down. But across the Northeast, it's too little and too late to help many residents pay their home heating bills. It's not just a stretch for household budgets. As people look to the government for help, anxiety over the economy and volatile fuel markets is also straining local social service departments. Last Monday, New Yorkers began applying for federal funds from HEAP, the Home Energy Assistance Program. It's the counties, though, that process the paperwork, verify each applicant's eligibility and distribute the money. As Jonathan Brown reports, the number of people seeking help is up dramatically.  Go to full article
Jane "Granny" Bashaw, Katie Cariffe, and Lee Ann Pierce fear this winter's high heating costs.
Jane "Granny" Bashaw, Katie Cariffe, and Lee Ann Pierce fear this winter's high heating costs.

North Country prepares for winter heating crisis

It's still plenty hot outside, but North Country residents are already bracing for the cold. Heating oil prices have almost doubled. Kerosene and natural gas are way up, too. People are scared. Local officials fear a season-long crisis, with people have to choose between eating and staying warm. Many communities are taking unprecedented steps to get prepared. David Sommerstein has the first of two reports.  Go to full article

Lawmakers Respond to High Heating Costs

State lawmakers have been responding to the high cost of energy for New York residents. Senate Republicans unveiled a plan for tax credits and rebate checks; the Assembly held hearings on how to better use the HEAP program to help the poorest New Yorkers pay their heating bills. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Caught in the Heating Squeeze

Heating oil prices are 23 percent higher statewide than last winter. But the federal funds that help low-income people pay the bills have not increased. That could change today - Congress is considering a modest increase to the Heating Energy Assistance Program, as part of the end of year defense appropriations bill. But it's not clear how much would go to people in need. And that need is real. Gregory Warner joined an oil supplier in the Ausable Valley on his delivery route. He sent us this report.  Go to full article

County Votes to Drop Heating Fuel Sales Tax

With record fuel prices expected this winter, the St. Lawrence County Finance Committee voted unanimously to suspend all county taxes on heating fuels starting December 1. New York State and the city of Ogdensburg still have to approve the measure.  Go to full article

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