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Some of the members of the Save our School committee on the front steps of the restored schoolhouse in Star Lake. Photo: Todd Moe
Some of the members of the Save our School committee on the front steps of the restored schoolhouse in Star Lake. Photo: Todd Moe

A new assignment for an old schoolhouse

The old public school building in Star Lake has a new mission as an exhibit center and tourist attraction. And the grassroots effort to restore the 1890s structure will be honored by Adirondack Architectural Heritage at a ceremony in Lake George next week. It's one of six North Country sites that will receive 2012 Stewardship awards for preservation efforts.

For more than six years, a group of Clifton-Fine area residents has worked to restore the old school. They see it as a cornerstone for tourism, economic development and local pride.  Go to full article
CJHR volunteer Mary Alice Enright with Dai Bassett and Bill Parker
CJHR volunteer Mary Alice Enright with Dai Bassett and Bill Parker

"The People's voice" CJHR celebrates Ottawa Valley Heritage

All sorts of radio stations these days are busy blending old content with modern technology. Staying relevant, while reaching out to new listeners.

Take CJHR, a non-profit station in Renfrew, Ontario. "Valley Heritage Radio" serves up an eclectic mix for a mostly-rural audience. The format is at least half Canadian content, and about 20% of that is local. The station saves space for something called Ottawa Valley music, a country style influenced by Celtic and French roots, refined in lumber camps that once spanned the region.

Lucy Martin dropped by the CJHR booth at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show in March to hear how they're making community radio happen.  Go to full article
Brian Henderson as the well-dressed 1850s gardener.
Brian Henderson as the well-dressed 1850s gardener.

Dressing right?the 1850s gardener

The duties of the head gardener at Upper Canada Village, a living history museum in Morrisburg, Ontario, are many...and varied. Brian Henderson "lives" gardening as it was in the mid-1800s. It's a full time commitment, from seedlings, through summer, and the harvest. Brian Henderson uses "period" tools and methods...and wardrobe, as well. He's today's Heard Up North.

Henderson told his story to Jill Breit, of Traditional Arts in Upstate New York. TAUNY is our partner in the Garden Plot, and you can find more about Jill's trip to the Upper Canada Village gardens at the Garden Plot blog.  Go to full article

Heritage shutdown sheds light on Amish economy

One of St. Lawrence County's best known cheese brands is about to disappear. Heritage cheeses and cheese curds are big sellers at local stores and quick-marts. But they didn't sell well enough to keep Heritage out of the red. The plant in Heuvelton was losing $3,000 a week. It owes almost $200,000 in public loans. Heritage Cheese House will stop accepting milk Friday night. Fifteen people will lose their jobs. All the milk comes from Amish farms. Amish dairy farmers can't join regular milk co-ops because they don't use on-site refrigeration. The number of farms selling milk to Heritage dwindled in recent years, from more than a hundred to 65. Lowell McAllister is chairman of the Heuvelton Community Irrevocable Trust, which manages the plant for the Amish. The plant was founded in 1994. It closed briefly in 2006. He told Martha Foley Friday that this time, the shutdown is final.  Go to full article

Historic Wawbeek buildings to be torn down

Two historic buildings from the former Wawbeek Resort on Upper Saranac Lake will be coming down. An attorney representing the owners has confirmed that the new owners of the property turned down two proposals to move the buildings. Preservationists have argued that the buildings constitute a unique piece of 19th century architectural history. The former resort was operated as an inn and restaurant until last fall when it was sold to the Southern California couple for $6.25 million. Martha Foley talks with reporter Jacob Resneck, who's been following this story.  Go to full article

Cheese plant re-opens as Amish trust

The Heritage cheese plant in St. Lawrence County will re-open tomorrow after a one-month shutdown. The Amish farmers who sell their milk there will become owners in a unique arrangement. David Sommerstein explains.  Go to full article

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