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News stories tagged with "historical"

Central Warehouse abandoned in Albany, NY. Photo: <a href="">Sébastien Barré</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Central Warehouse abandoned in Albany, NY. Photo: Sébastien Barré, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Albany-area buildings chosen for re-use project

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) A historic preservation organization is launching an effort aimed at finding new uses for the many vacant industrial buildings dotting upstate New York communities.

The Preservation League of New York says it's working with the Troy Architectural Program to create development and rehabilitation plans for several industrial buildings as part of the Industrial Heritage Reuse Project.  Go to full article

Heard up North: Slab City, Sodom, and Swastika

We've been running a series about place names in the North Country. It started out by accident - a feature on Saint Lawrence led to more calls about local place names and their origins. Yesterday on All Before Five, host Gregory Warner and our own resident poet and historian Dale Hobson sat down to talk about a few place names you asked us to investigate. Starting with Slab City, a small area in West Potsdam. Gregory called Joretta Creighton, a 3rd generation Slab City resident who owns Bailey's Florists. She says the place got its name from the slab wood that was the refuse of the area's paper mills.  Go to full article

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