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Susan Stein plays Etty Hillesum. Photo: Ricardo Barros
Susan Stein plays Etty Hillesum. Photo: Ricardo Barros

Preview: "Etty" in Morristown

Actor/writer Susan Stein combed through the diary and letters of Etty Hillesum, a Jewish student who lived in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War Two, and her one-woman play Etty is based on those diaries.

Stein will perform the play at St. John the Evangelist Church in Morristown on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
Dana Fast (center) with her parents in Warsaw before the Nazi invasion (Photo provided)
Dana Fast (center) with her parents in Warsaw before the Nazi invasion (Photo provided)

"Nightmares" of Holocaust shape new Adirondack memoir

For years, Dana Fast from Lake Clear has been known in the Adirondacks as a master gardener and an active local volunteer. What few people know is that she grew up as a secular Jewish family in Warsaw, Poland. Her name was Lilka Miron. In 1939 she and her family were caught up in the German invasion and the Holocaust that followed.

They were forced into the infamous Warsaw ghetto and lived in hiding for years until Poland was liberated by the Soviet Union. Fast has written a new book about her harrowing experience called "My Nine Lives." She sat down to talk with Brian Mann, who has our profile.  Go to full article
Deb Filler, whose one-woman show <i>Filler Up</i> is part of the Adirondack Theatre Festival
Deb Filler, whose one-woman show Filler Up is part of the Adirondack Theatre Festival

Bread and life in Glens Falls

Adirondack Theatre Festival's 14th season of theatre continues this week with Filler Up! A Survivor's guide to Jewish Mothers, Baking and Kneading. It's a one-woman show featuring Deb Filler, a New Zealand comic actor, who bakes challah bread live onstage. She spoke with Todd Moe about the show which she says has comic and poignant moments, and honest observations of her own life.  Go to full article
Julia Pascal
Julia Pascal

First person history: "Jewish Mothers and Daughters"

Julia Pascal is a director and playwright with her own production company, based in London. Her work deals primarily with the lives of Jewish women, particularly in relation to the Holocaust. But she's also written a documentary about Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre, and explored Black and Irish themes. She recently completed a film archive of interviews with close to 50 women Holocaust survivors and their daughters, entitled Jewish Mothers and Daughters. She's at St. Lawrence University this week and will give a public lecture tonight on this latest work. She spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article
Photograph of Elisheva Elsa Binder (first from left) with friends.
Photograph of Elisheva Elsa Binder (first from left) with friends.

Elisheva Revisited

Three years after NCPR's production, Elisheva's Diary, Ellen Rocco speaks at length with Andrea Axt. In the years between the original program and this follow-up conversation, much more was learned about Elisheva.  Go to full article

Elisheva's Diary

In the early 1990s, Andrea Axt, a long-time friend and listener, approached NCPR with a request: could we figure out a way to share the story of Elisheva (unknown last name) whose diary had been passed along to Andrea during a return visit to her native Poland. Elisheva, a young Jewish woman who grew up in Stanislawow, had kept a diary of her day to day life as conditions deteriorated for Polish Jews during World War II. The diary had been found--and kept--by a non-Jewish man who had known Andrea's family for years. Unable to get the diary published in Poland, which was part of the Soviet bloc, he entrusted the diary to Andrea. Andrea authenticated the diary through Elie Wiesel's organization, and brought it to NCPR. Later, in Israel, the second chapter of the story unfolded and reinforced the rightness of our decision to take on this project. "Elisheva's Diary" was distributed nationally in 1994 and is still available for free download or use on other organization's web sites.  Go to full article

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