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The Adirondack Express heading towards Penn Station. Photo: <a href="">P. Romaine</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.
The Adirondack Express heading towards Penn Station. Photo: P. Romaine, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Listen: Goodbye, hometown

It's travel time for a lot of people this week. But one family from the north country recently made a bigger journey than most--all the way to sunny California, and they did the whole trip by train. And they had a one way ticket, the family was making a new start on the west coast. Their mother was feeling shy, but the two brothers met reporter Natasha Haverty in the train's dining car. The 8-year-old Adam, and 15-year-old Julian, who was traveling with his guitar around his neck, are today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

The red tape behind weatherization

Tax credits for making your home more energy efficient got a lot of early buzz. The promise of up to $1500 back for insulation and windows or efficient furnaces led to a flurry of advertising. Tamara Keith looks into what might be stopping people from taking advantage of the tax credits.  Go to full article

Home foreclosure worries grow in North Country

The North Country has managed to dodge the worst parts of the home-mortgage crisis that has devastated the country's economy. Foreclosures in this region haven't spiked as they have in other parts of the country. But some real estate experts say the souring economy and the growing number of lay-offs has begun to hit more homeowners. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

Commentary: Hokkaido and Home

Betsy Kepes and her family have spent most of the last year away from home. Fire-spotting out West, trekking through New Zealand. They ended up in northern Japan - closer to home that what the map showed.  Go to full article

Workshops Promote Winter Energy Conservation

Homeowners and landlords across the North Country are trying to keep fuel costs down this winter. The St. Lawrence County Energy Alliance, a group of residents, fuel dealers, service providers and elected officials, is offering workshops on home energy conservation beginning next week. The first workshop will be Tuesday evening, January 10 at 6:30 at the Canton Fire Station. The programs will offer ways to make homes more comfortable while saving energy this winter. Miles Manchester, a "do-it-yourselfer" who will lead the training workshops, spoke with Todd Moe. For more information: 315-408-8562  Go to full article

Commentary: 'Home For the Holidays'

Like many North Country natives, Commentator Jill Vaughan's son is home for the holidays from Alaska. That phrase -- 'home for the holidays' -- makes Jill think of security and roots.  Go to full article

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