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News stories tagged with "home-state-record"

Candidate Profile: Wesley Clark

Our Home State Record series concludes with a profile of General Wesley Clark. He doesn't have a history of legislation to run on, and he's never held elected office, but Dan Gorenstein reports on Clarks' other record -- his leadership during 30 years in the military.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: Howard Dean

The Home State Record Series looks at Howard Dean. Though he's seen as the liberal among the nine Democratic presidential candidates, Dean made his reputation in Vermont as a fiscal conservative. Vermont Public Radio's John Dillon has the homestate perspective on the front-runner.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: John Edwards

The Home State Record Series continues with a profile of Senator John Edwards. In North Carolina, Edwards built a political career on his success as a personal injury lawyer, on personal warmth, and on big ambition. Julie Donnelly reports.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: John Kerry

Our series on the home-state records of the Democratic presidential candidates continues with a profile of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. As Susan Kaplan of WFCR in Amherst, Massachusetts reports, the Kerry record doesn't convey one central theme for Bay Staters.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: Dennis Kucinich

Our look at the home state records of the Democratic Presidential Primary candidates continue as we profile Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The Ohio congressman is considered a long-shot in the race, but as Vincent Duffy from public radio station W-K-S-U in Kent, Ohio, reports, Kucinich has faced long odds before.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: Dick Gephardt

Congressman Dick Gephardt has built a long record on labor issues, but has had to strike a balance between the demands of his leadership role in Congress and the needs of his district. Matt Sepic of from public radio station KWMU in St. Louis continues The Home State Record series.  Go to full article

Candidate Profile: Carol Moseley Braun

Carol Moseley Braun has weathered political scandals since she made history in the U.S. Senate. Jenny Lawton of Chicago Public Radio reports that she has been a symbol of both controversy and hope in her home state.  Go to full article

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