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Weve been getting a lot of complaints from business... Is there something you can do to expedite commercial traffic to the US from Canada?

Schumer wants efficient, safer border

Sen.Chuck Schumer says Homeland Security will begin tapping into Canadian military radar later this year to detect low-flying aircraft used to smuggle drugs from Canada into the United States.

Schumer also says a border security task force of several U.S. and Canadian agencies will be established in Massena by October. At a hearing he chaired in Washington yesterday, New York's senior senator questioned Department of Homeland Security officials about new initiatives to balance commerce with fighting drug trafficking. Ryan Morden has more from Washington.  Go to full article

Paper mill exec denied U.S. entry

Last week we reported on an Adirondack artist who was detained at the Canadian border in Maine for having sketches of SUVs in her car. The incident was parodied on The Colbert Report. Now another unusual incident at the border, this time in Massena. The vice-chairman of the revived paper mill in Newton Falls was refused entry into the United States on Tuesday. Customs officers said he was working without a visa, even though he's paid by a Canadian company. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

McHugh sounds off on new border rules

New rules took effect yesterday at the international border with Canada. Motorists entering the United States now must provide proof of citizenship, like an original birth certificate, in addition to a drivers license. Lawmakers from across the northern border region, including Senators Clinton, Schumer, and Leahy and Congressman John McHugh, have written letters to Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff. They asked Chertoff to put off the new rules until June 2009, a date Congress voted for implementation of a passport requirement at the border. McHugh told David Sommerstein Thursday he's not happy at all.  Go to full article
Brothers Allen (left) and Brian Mann Photo: S. Waters
Brothers Allen (left) and Brian Mann Photo: S. Waters

Brothers cross the political divide

This week National Public Radio is looking at efforts by Americans of different stripes to reach common ground. The series Crossing the Divide isn't just about red states and blue states or the balance of power in Congress. These days, America's rift can be far more intimate, dividing communities and families. In his book Welcome to the Homeland, Brian Mann tells the story of searching for common ground with his more conservative brother Allen. He contributed this audio essay.  Go to full article

US Proposes Border Card, like EZ Pass

The Department of Homeland Security sparked controversy earlier this year with a proposal to require passports or similar documents at the US Canadian border. Critics say it would hamper tourism and slow border traffic. The Bush administration has been working on a compromise. It offered a plan last week. Gregory Warner reports.  Go to full article

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