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Senior residents at Horace Nye have raised concerns about the sale (NCPR file photo)
Senior residents at Horace Nye have raised concerns about the sale (NCPR file photo)

Essex County supervisors vote 12-6 to sell Horace Nye nursing home

Essex County supervisors voted yesterday to sell the Horace Nye nursing home for $4 million to a corporation called Specialty Care of New York City. Backers of the plan say it will end huge deficits at the facility that have burdened taxpayers.

Opponents questioned whether a for-profit company could care for a hundred poor and elderly residents without cutting corners. Brian Mann was in Elizabethtown and has our story.  Go to full article
Uihlein nursing home in Lake Placid will lose 60 beds (Photos: Mark Kurtz, for NCPR)
Uihlein nursing home in Lake Placid will lose 60 beds (Photos: Mark Kurtz, for NCPR)

Adirondack Health restructures, eliminates 60 nursing home beds in Lake Placid

A new plan unveiled yestoday in the Adirondacks would eliminate 60 nursing home beds in Lake Placid, most of which are used by low-income elderly residents who rely on Medicaid. The proposal would also mean the closure of the village hospital that's been in operation since the 1950s.

Adirondack Health, based in Saranac Lake, says most hospital services will still be provided on an expanded medical campus near the Uihlein nursing home. The company also hopes to develop a new network of apartments and social services that could mean fewer elderly residents needing nursing home care.  Go to full article
Should the Horace Nye Nursing Home be privatized?  (Photo:  Horace Nye website)
Should the Horace Nye Nursing Home be privatized? (Photo: Horace Nye website)

Workers, residents rally to save Horace Nye nursing home

On Saturday more than a hundred people rallied at the Horace Nye nursing home in Elizabethtown. Essex County supervisors may vote as early as tomorrow to privatize the home, as a cost-cutting measure. Opponents say the home is a vital service provided by the county.

As Brian Mann reports, counties across the North Country and across New York state have been scrambling to privatize care for the elderly.  Go to full article
Horace Nye residents watch Monday's debate (Photos:  Brian Mann)
Horace Nye residents watch Monday's debate (Photos: Brian Mann)

In debate over Essex County nursing home, questions about government's role

Essex County supervisors are wrestling once again with the future of the Horace Nye Nursing Home.

At a meeting yesterday in Elizabethtown, the supervisors tabled a move to try to privatize the county-run home, which currently has about a hundred residents.

As Brian Mann reports, Horace Nye is seen by many county leaders as a valuable program, one that helps some of the region's neediest and most vulnerable people.

But they say the state property tax cap approved this summer is making it harder and harder to pay for the nursing home's mounting losses.  Go to full article
Randy Douglas heads the Essex County board of supervisors
Randy Douglas heads the Essex County board of supervisors

Essex County faces tough budget choices

Essex County now faces a budget deficit next year that could top 9 million dollars. That's ten percent of the county's budget that still needs to be paid for.

The soaring costs are being blamed on scheduled pay increases for county workers, rising utility coasts, and the cost of operating the Horace Nye nursing home in Elizabethtown.

The latest blow came this week, when the Board of Supervisors announced that health insurance costs could rise by as much as 46%.

Brian Mann spoke about the budget crunch with Randy Douglas. He's town supervisor in Jay and serves as county chair.  Go to full article

Essex County struggles to find buyers for costly nursing home

Essex County has been exploring the possibility of selling the Horace Nye nursing home in Elizabethtown. But county manager Dan Palmer says it appears that no one is interested in buying the facility. Essex County faces a seven million dollar budget deficit next year. Nearly a third of that has been blamed on the expense of running the nursing home. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

County nursing homes including E'town's Horace Nye could be privatized

This week, county leaders from across New York state met to discuss the future of nursing homes run by local governments. In many counties, the homes provide crucial care to elderly and sick residents. But the facilities are costing taxpayers millions of dollars to operate.

The Horace Nye home in Elizabethtown is expected to lose close to $2 million this year. As Brian Mann reports, a growing number of local leaders say those costs are too high at a time when property taxes are soaring.  Go to full article

Fourth Horace Nye nursing home resident in hospital, but Elizabethtown outbreak "waning"

State health officials say a fourth resident from a nursing home in Elizabethtown is being treated in an area hospital following a deadly viral outbreak. But spokeswoman Claudia Hutton, with New York's Department of Health, says the patient has been released from intensive care and appears to be recovering. Three other residents of the Horace Nye nursing home died last week. The facility is owned and operated by Essex County. Hutton says state officials were informed in a timely fashion about the deaths. She praised the staff at Horace Nye for "doing everything right to contain this outbreak." Researchers are still trying to identify the exact nature of the illness, which causes severe gastrointestinal distress and dehydration. At the peak of the outbreak, more than seventy residents and staff were infected. But Hutton says the viral outbreak appears to be waning, with no new cases reported in recent days. It remains unclear why the illness wasn't reported to the public for more than a week after the first patient died. On Thursday, administrators at the nursing home didn't return phone calls. Essex County officials directed all questions about the Horace Nye situation to an attorney Dan Manning, who also serves as the county public information officer. Manning spoke with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Virus causes three deaths in last week at Elizabethtown nursing home

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican is reporting that a highly infectious virus has killed three residents at the Horace Nye nursing home in Elizabethtown over the last week. According to a report first published late yesterday on the newspaper's website, the ailment has led to a quarantine at the county-operated facility. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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