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The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown. Photo: Horace Nye
The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown. Photo: Horace Nye

County nursing home crisis threatens elderly care

County-run nursing homes across the North Country are being put up for sale, or face serious questions about their future.

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown was sold to a private company this summer. Washington County is also trying to negotiate the sale of its troubled Pleasant Valley home in Fort Edward.

As Karen DeWitt reports, the North Country trend is part of what local government officials describe as a statewide crisis in care for the elderly.  Go to full article
There were elderly residents there in their wheelchairs... sitting and looking at the supervisors.

Essex County postpones decision about Horace Nye nursing home

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the new 2% property tax cap into law on July 5th--and local governments are already feeling the effects. In the Essex County community of Elizabethtown, the Horace Nye nursing home cares for about 100 people. Now, county officials are trying to determine if it should be privatized.

County officials debated the home's future Monday at their regular morning meeting...Brian Mann was there, and he spoke to Nora Flaherty about what went on.  Go to full article

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