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Books: "Finding my Way to Moose River Farm"

Anne Phinney lives on a farm near Old Forge and has loved animals all her life. She's a teacher, writer and farmer who has written a new book about life among the animals -- 11 horses, 4 dogs, 3 goats, 2 donkeys, an iguana and pot belly pig -- on Moose River Farm. Todd Moe talks with Phinney about her book, Finding My Way to Moose River Farm.  Go to full article
Tom Aldous, Bill Siebels and Liston Willard holding Nina.
Tom Aldous, Bill Siebels and Liston Willard holding Nina.

Farms that run on real horse power

It's harvest season, and while most farmers dream of the latest and best farm equipment available, there are some that prefer a slower way of doing things. Even outside the Amish community there are farmers who work their land using old-fashioned techniques and tools. They favor the sounds of huge hooves plodding across the fields. This weekend, draft horses will take center stage at Plow Days at the Siebels Farm in Fowler. Todd Moe stopped by the Liston and Susan Willard farm recently to talk with three farmers who still use real horse power.  Go to full article
Scott van Laer's breeding farm in the Adirondacks has been threatened by the state crisis (Photos:  Brian Mann)
Scott van Laer's breeding farm in the Adirondacks has been threatened by the state crisis (Photos: Brian Mann)

Bungling by industry and state leaders threatens Saratoga horse racing season

The budget crisis in Albany is threatening to derail yet another major upstate New York tourist draw.

Already this year, Governor David Paterson raised the possibility of cutting all funding for the Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid and shutting down state campgrounds.

Now the state's political gridlock could force horseracing officials to cancel or scale back this year's summer meet at the track in Saratoga Springs.

Even the sport's biggest fans say New York's thoroughbred industry is in serious trouble.

As Brian Mann reports, some of that pain is being felt here in the North Country.  Go to full article
Pay attention! Dogs were shown by professional handlers, as well as owners of all ages.
Pay attention! Dogs were shown by professional handlers, as well as owners of all ages.

A "real" dog and pony show in Ontario

Rural communities have a long tradition of fairs and special events. But volunteer fatigue hit the village of Kars, Ontario, this summer: no July fair, no parade, and no demolition derby. All was not lost, however. Lucy Martin found plenty to enjoy at a real dog and pony show.  Go to full article
Keeping pace in Saratoga
Keeping pace in Saratoga

Postcard: starting a harness race means driving the gate

All this week we're telling stories about horses and horse-racing, a sport which for decades has been part of North Country culture. Today, Brian Mann sends this audio postcard from the harness track in Saratoga. That's where he met Scott Hamilton, who travels the North Country every year starting trotter races at county fairs.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Sam the Bugler summons the ponies

One of the most iconic sounds in the North Country is the "Call to the Post" at the Saratoga Horse track. It turns out that for the last fifteen years, one guy has been blowing that little tune. He's today's Heard Up North. Note: Sam prefers not to use his last name. He lives on Long Island and plays in a rock and roll band in his spare time.  Go to full article

Bidders reveal racing proposals

A state panel began two days of public hearings to determine who should get the state's lucrative horse racing franchise when the New York Racing Association's contract expires at the end of the year. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Chasing the ball in Keene<br />Source: Bark Eater Inn
Chasing the ball in Keene
Source: Bark Eater Inn

Audio Postcard: In Keene, A Polo Ground Ringed By Peaks

Autumn is generally a time for football and maybe some last rounds of golf before the snow flies. In Keene, this is also the season for polo. The polo team sponsored by the Barkeater Inn hosted its third annual United Way fundraiser last Sunday, edging out riders from Saratoga Springs. Brian Mann was on the sidelines on a perfect fall day. He sends this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Scientists Watch Farm Pastures for a New Tent Caterpillar Threat

Rising populations of the coming eastern tent caterpillar this year may be a danger to horses and cows in the North Country. Steve Van Der Mark is the point person on this year's tent caterpillar outbreak for St. Lawrence County's Cooperative Extension Service. He says researchers in Kentucky and now New York are looking at unexplained abortions among grazing animals.  Go to full article
Jumping far and looking good...
Jumping far and looking good...

Hoof Dreams: Lake Placid Hosts Annual Horse Competition

For two weeks every summer, Lake Placid's top athletes run and jump on four legs. The I Love New York Horse Show wrapped up over the weekend. The annual competition offers locals a chance to see some of the world's most beautiful horses - and to watch some of the world's most graceful riders. Brian Mann sends this audio postcard.  Go to full article

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