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Photo: <a href="">Library of Congress</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Photo: Library of Congress, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Historians: Albany port plan threatens Dutch site

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) Two experts in Colonial history say a plan to build a crude oil facility at the Port of Albany would destroy the buried remnants of the first Dutch settlement built in what would become New York state.

Albany-area historians Don Rittner and John Wolcott say the port was the site of Fort Nassau, built on an island in 1614 by Dutch explorers as a trading post. Spring floods along the Hudson River later forced them to relocate to a nearby site and build Fort Orange, which later became Albany.  Go to full article
The dredging operation on the upper Hudson unearthed 1700s-era timbers believed to be part of the original Fort Edward (Source:  EPA)
The dredging operation on the upper Hudson unearthed 1700s-era timbers believed to be part of the original Fort Edward (Source: EPA)

EPA faces hurdles, new controversy in Hudson dredging project

Three months after the Environmental Protection Agency began dredging toxic PCBs from the Hudson River, the project faces fresh criticism. The cleanup of industrial chemicals dumped in the river by General Electric is one of the largest and most complex environmental efforts ever undertaken in the U.S.

But many locals say too much pollution from the project is leaking back into the water and the air. They also worry that the dredging has damaged archeological sites along the river. Brian Mann reports from Fort Edward.  Go to full article
Dredging barges head for the river (Source:  EPA)
Dredging barges head for the river (Source: EPA)

Dredging begins on Upper Hudson after decades of PCB debate

After decades of research, litigation and political wrangling, General Electric is finally dredging tons of PCB-contaminated muck from the upper Hudson River. The first scoop was pulled from the river Friday morning. It's expected to be one of the biggest and most challenging environmental clean-ups in US history. This morning, Brian Mann has a special in-depth look at the battle over the future of the Hudson River.  Go to full article
General Electric discloses PCB spending
General Electric discloses PCB spending

GE Reveals Spending on PCB Dredging Fight

A group of religious investors led by a Roman Catholic nun says General Electric spent more than $120 million trying to block the clean up of toxic PCBs. GE disclosed the figures after years of pressure from activist shareholders. As Brian Mann reports, critics say the money should have been spent cleaning up the Hudson River and other polluted sites.  Go to full article
Christopher Swain
Christopher Swain

Swimmer Completes Lake Champlain Trek

Christopher Swain finished swimming the length of Lake Champlain Tuesday. The 36-year-old from Colchester, Vermont arrived in Quebec shortly before two-o-clock yesterday afternoon. He told Todd Moe he set out on the 129-mile voyage in August to raise awareness about water quality.  Go to full article
Swain swam the Hudson earlier this summer
Swain swam the Hudson earlier this summer

Swain Continues Lake Champlain Swim

A Vermont man swimming the length of Lake Champlain has made it past the half-way point. Christopher Swain began his 125-mile swim late last month in Whitehall, New York, and plans to finish in Quebec in a couple of weeks. The environmentalist says he was motivated by the high levels of E coli bacteria in the lake across the street from his Colchester home. He's been swimming six hours every day, has made stops along the way for community events and school visits, and expects to swim ashore in Burlington today. Swain swam down the Hudson River earlier this summer. He spoke with Todd Moe about his Lake Champlain trek so far.  Go to full article

Swimming the Hudson for Clean Water - An Update

Jody Tosti checks in with Christopher Swain, who plans to swim the entire 315 miles of the Hudson River from Lake Tear of the Clouds to Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness of the need for cleaner water. Swain began his odyssey in early June.  Go to full article

Big Clean-Up Of River PCBs

There's a plan in place to clean up a PCB-contaminated river. It could be one of the most comprehensive, and most expensive, river cleanups ever done in North America. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Patty Murray has more.  Go to full article

Hudson Dredging History Stays Local

Federal officials have agreed that any historic artifacts dredged from a stretch of the upper Hudson River will stay in the town of Fort Edward. The agreement comes as the EPA prepares to dredge tons of PCBs from the river. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Does Rafting Hurt the Hudson's Trout Fishery?

Martha Foley talks with Jim Nash, a veteran trout fisherman, who worries that all the rafting threatens the Upper Hudson's fishery.  Go to full article

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