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By laying new electric cable underwater...
By laying new electric cable underwater...

Company eyes Champlain, Hudson Valleys for Quebec-NYC electric line

A Canadian company hopes to build a massive new electric transmission line that will use the Champlain and Hudson Valleys to bring power from Quebec to New York City. Transmission Developers Incorporated, based in Toronto, is asking state regulators in New York to approve the use of a type of cable that can be buried underwater. As Brian Mann reports, the technology would mean fewer impacts on communities and landscapes in the North Country.  Go to full article

Big companies fight back on river clean-ups

The Environmental Protection Agency was to be in Ft Edward last night for an information session on the dredging of PCB-laden sediment from the Hudson River. The $780 million project is expected to take six years. It's the biggest clean up of a river in the country. The first phase of the cleanup concluded in October.

PCBs are considered probable carcinogens. General Electric plants in Fort Edward and neighboring Hudson Falls dumped PCB-contaminated wastewater into the Hudson for decades before PCBs were banned in 1977. GE has been doing the clean up, supervised by the EPA. They'll review this past summer's work over the winter. The next dredging work is expected in 2011.

GE fought the plan to dredge PCBs for years. Spokesman Mark Behan told the Albany Times Union the company has not committed to continue to pay for the clean up when dredging resumes.

A fight over dioxin pollution from a Dow Chemical plant in central Michigan also dates back over 30 years. It's a local issue that's made national news, like the Hudson River PCBs. And it's still unresolved, despite administration changes, Congressional hearings, and whistle-blower awards. Shawn Allee met the man who first took the issue to Congress and who feels it should make news again.  Go to full article
Judith Enck, appointed regional director
Judith Enck, appointed regional director

NY's Enck appointed to top EPA post

Late last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that Judith Enck has been chosen as Regional Director for the district that includes New York state. That means she'll have oversight over environmental projects along the St. Lawrence Seaway, the dredging of the Hudson River - as well as dozens of smaller superfund sites across the North Country. Until this month, Enck served as Governor David Paterson's deputy secretary of the environment. She has also been an environmental activist in New York. Brian Mann spoke about Enck's appointment with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

The Hudson as a classroom

Two Lake Placid students are taking their senior project to a historic waterway this month. Ian McMullen and Nick Kulina will paddle kayaks down the Hudson River from the Adirondacks to Manhattan. They've done their homework. Planning began last fall for the two-week trek. It's a personal challenge and a way to promote kayaking. Ian McMullen told Todd Moe he'd like to inspire more teens to enjoy outdoor recreation.  Go to full article
Dredging barges head for the river (Source:  EPA)
Dredging barges head for the river (Source: EPA)

Dredging begins on Upper Hudson after decades of PCB debate

After decades of research, litigation and political wrangling, General Electric is finally dredging tons of PCB-contaminated muck from the upper Hudson River. The first scoop was pulled from the river Friday morning. It's expected to be one of the biggest and most challenging environmental clean-ups in US history. This morning, Brian Mann has a special in-depth look at the battle over the future of the Hudson River.  Go to full article

PCB dredging begins today on upper Hudson River

After years of lawsuits and political wrangling, General Electric will begin removing toxic PCBs from the bottom of the Hudson River today. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Hudson Whitewater Derby celebrates 50 years

One of the oldest whitewwater events for canoes and kayaks celebrates its 50th anniversary in North Creek this weekend. Each year the Hudson River Whitewater Derby draws thousands of people to the banks of the Hudson to watch two days of exciting whitewater races. Todd Moe talks with derby chairman Peter Burns.  Go to full article

Green group opposes Indian Lake hydro project

A pro-environment group wants a say in the future of a hydro-electric project proposed for Indian Lake in Hamilton County. The Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks says it hopes to win "formal party status" from the Federal agency reviewing the project. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Preview: Upper Hudson Whitewater Derby

Canoeists and kayakers of all skill levels will gather in the Town of Johnsburg this weekend for the 49th Annual Upper Hudson River Whitewater Derby. The event included the Chuck Severance Memorial Race last Saturday. Pete Burns, owner of Wevertown's Beaver Brook Outfitters, is chairman of this year's derby. He spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
General Electric discloses PCB spending
General Electric discloses PCB spending

GE Reveals Spending on PCB Dredging Fight

A group of religious investors led by a Roman Catholic nun says General Electric spent more than $120 million trying to block the clean up of toxic PCBs. GE disclosed the figures after years of pressure from activist shareholders. As Brian Mann reports, critics say the money should have been spent cleaning up the Hudson River and other polluted sites.  Go to full article

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