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Books: "Seven Locks" by Christine Wade

Imagine life in a Dutch village along the Hudson River in the years before the American Revolution. When a farm woman's husband disappears, how will her family survive as the nation heads toward war? Betsy Kepes talked with Christine Wade about her new novel, "Seven Locks."  Go to full article
Young farmers gathered near Tarrytown, NY in 2009.
Young farmers gathered near Tarrytown, NY in 2009.

Young farmers connect, ready to grow

Two years ago, about a hundred young farmers gathered in Tarrytown, New York and came up with the idea of creating an organization to support young people wanting to work the land and make a living off of it. They named the group the National Young Farmers Coalition. One of its co-founders is Severine von Tscharner Fleming. She manages Smithereen, a 100-acre farm on rented land in the Hudson Valley. We'll hear from her in just a moment.

According to the USDA, the average age of the American farmer is 57. Von Tscharner Fleming says young farmers--descendents of traditional farmers, inner-city gardeners, homesteaders, college graduates and ex-suburbanites--face tremendous structural obstacles: access to land, capital, education, and business training. She told Todd Moe that one of the principle ideas behind the coalition is that if the country wants active farms and sustainable food production in fifty years, the next generation needs help.  Go to full article

Hudson Valley, "tech valley"?

New York's biggest investment in technology is in the Hudson Valley Region, where the state lavished more than a billion dollars on Globalfoundries. The microchip company is building a plant in Saratoga County. The hope is other companies will follow.

One of those businesses is Tech Valley Communications - a fiber network service provider. The company recently partnered with an investment firm. As the CEO tells Innovation Trail reporter Dan Bazile, he now has the ability and the capital to compete.  Go to full article

20th Congressional campaign: 11 days left

The 20th Congressional district special election is growing more combative every day. Three men: Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian, are running to fill the House seat left open when Gov. Paterson appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. The district stretches from the Hudson Valley far south of Albany well into the Adirondacks--lots of territory. Martha Foley and Brian Mann take time to sort out the issues and politics in the campaign.  Go to full article

"Forbidden Fruit" Worries Foresters

In Europe, the black currant fruit is really popular, but chances are, you've never tasted it here. Farming black currants was banned nearly a hundred years ago because the plant spread disease through forests. Now, states are easing up on their bans, and growers are determined to bring this "forbidden fruit" to the American palate. But forestry experts caution that the black currant revival may still pose a danger to trees. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lisa Phillips reports.  Go to full article

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