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News stories tagged with "human-rights"

Sex workers to rally in Ontario

OTTAWA, Ont. Sex workers across the province are planning rallies today as a landmark Supreme Court ruling that could reshape Canada's sex trade is released.

In Ottawa, rallies are planned for the steps of the Supreme Court and in front of the House of Commons.  Go to full article
Sen. Andrew Lanza, a sponsor of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in the New York State Senate. Photo: <a href="">Sen. Lanza website</a><br />
Sen. Andrew Lanza, a sponsor of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in the New York State Senate. Photo: Sen. Lanza website

Fighting sex trafficking in New York state

Forcing young women and men into a life of prostitution is a very lucrative business.

It may sound like the stuff of Hollywood, but the sex trafficking trade is alive and well in Central New York, but a movement to end it in New York State is gathering momentum, with a bill in the legislature to protect those who are trafficked, and bring traffickers to justice.  Go to full article
Burmese refugees at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Utica
Burmese refugees at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Utica

Burmese refugees hope for change

For half a century, one of the most repressive nations in the world has been Burma, or Myanmar, as its military government renamed it several years ago. But recently surprising political changes in that Southeast Asian country have led to a possible opening to the West.

Some of the people watching most closely are the Burmese Karen refugees. They're an ethnic minority, many of them Christian, who live right here in upstate New York. Our story comes from David Chanatry with the New York Reporting Project at Utica College.  Go to full article
William Schulz speaking at the Canton Unitarian Universalist Church
William Schulz speaking at the Canton Unitarian Universalist Church

People: Amnesty International USA's William Schulz

The Executive Director of Amnesty International USA visited the North Country this past weekend. William Schulz spoke at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Canton and at SUNY-Potsdam on Sunday. Here's an excerpt of his Sunday morning speech at the Unitarian-Universalist Church on the changing atmosphere toward human rights in the U.S. and globally since September 11th.  Go to full article
Dr. William F. Schulz
Dr. William F. Schulz

Dr. William F. Schulz. Torture, Terror, Tyranny: The State Of Human Rights Today

Dr. Schulz, the executive director of the human-rights watch group Amnesty International USA, addressed the Crossing Borders Festival at SUNY Potsdam, March 28, 2004. His address, sponsored by the SUNY Potsdam Student Government Association, spotlighted changes in the balance between security and liberty since the 9/11 attacks, and drew from his recent book Tainted Legacy: 9/11 and the Ruin of Human Rights. His complete lecture, and audience questions and answers, are included.  Go to full article

People: Writer and Gay Rights Activist Chastity Bono

In the early 70's she was the adorable daughter of pop rock icons Sonny and Cher. She often appeared on her parents' TV show The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. After coming out as a lesbian in 1995, Bono built a career outside her parents' shadow, becoming a leader in the gay and lesbian community. Her work has included entertainment media director for GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). She's written two books, Family Outing, a coming out guide, and The End of Innocence, a memoir about a losing a lover and self-discovery. Bono spoke Tuesday at St. Lawrence University. She told Todd Moe about her coming out process at age 13.  Go to full article

New Push for Same-Sex Marriage

A gay and lesbian rights group says if will launch a public information campaign to urge the state legislature to legalize civil marriage for same sex couples. From Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

University Chapel to Perform Same-Sex Ceremonies

It took three years for approval, but the Gunnison Memorial Chapel at St. Lawrence University can now perform same-sex union ceremonies. Jody Tosti has more.  Go to full article

Retired CME Bishop to Keynote Martin Luther King Day Service at SLU

Retired Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Bishop Richard Bass Sr. will be keynote speaker at St. Lawrence University's Martin Luther King Jr. Day service, this evening at 5 in Gunnison Memorial Chapel. The event begins a semester residency for Bishop Bass, who will also lead weekly progressive, multi-racial Christian worship services. David Sommerstein talks with Bishop Bass about the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Go to full article

SONDA Debate Draws Variety of Opponents

When the State Senate met to debate and pass the gay equal rights legislation last week, those for and against the measure showed up to lobby and demonstrate. Some of the most interesting debates took place away from the Senate floor, and between groups of people who come from very different cultures. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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