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News stories tagged with "human-services"

It's amazing that in this country with as much technology and money we have that we can't take care of our own people.

Burlington homeless man's death prompts debate, sorrow

Paul O'Toole, a Burlington homeless man, died of hypothermia Saturday night. He was found sleeping on a heating grate. The temperature was 17 degrees, with windchill around 6. O'Toole's death has sparked debate about what options the homeless have as the weather gets colder. Some say he could have benefited from a low, barrier, or wet shelter. That means the kind of shelter where you're allowed in even if you're intoxicated. But mostly, people were sad that O'Toole couldn't get the help he needed. Sarah Harris stopped in Georgia Center and Milton, Vermont, to hear what people had to say.  Go to full article

State budget squeezes counties

Whatever the final numbers of New York State's still-unfinished budget turn out to be, they probably mean harder times for counties. Counties are the middleman between the state and its people, delivering services mandated by state law, then collecting reimbursement for their costs from state revenues. But the reimbursement rates are falling, just as demand for services is rising as hard economic times continue.

Roger Wickes, County Attorney for rural Washington County, tells Martha Foley the squeeze is getting worse.  Go to full article

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