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Dillon Huntley (center) and Matt Garmon talk with David Sommerstein about their maple syrup operation
Dillon Huntley (center) and Matt Garmon talk with David Sommerstein about their maple syrup operation

Heard Up North: getting serious about maple syrup

With warm, sunny days and cold nights, this week is the first serious sap run of the maple syrup season.

Yesterday, Todd Moe spoke with St. Lawrence County Maple Association president Hugh Newton. He said people who visit his sugar shanty still want to see the icon of sweetness - those metal gray buckets hanging on maple tree trunks.

"So I strategically place 'em," Newton says, "so if you're standing in the right spot, you get a picture of the buckets and it looks like the whole woods is done in buckets."

Look deeper into the woods, though, and you'll see the equipment the modern maple syrup producer relies on - plastic piping that gravity feeds sap into collection tanks, and a vacuum pump that help suck more sap out of a tree.

David Sommerstein recently went out into the spring woods in Pierrepont as maple syrup producer Dillon Huntley was hooking up a vacuum pump for the first time. He sent this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

The end of an auction era

Roger Huntley of Crary Mills has been an auctioneer since the day in the late 1950s when he was a stand-in for a popular cattle dealer, selling donated items for the local church benefit. Roger Huntley's last auction was last Tuesday in Hannawa Falls. Remembering Roger Huntley was produced by youth interns at North Country Public Radio, Chelsea Ross, Brenna Rice and Jennifer Sibert, working with our summer Common Wealth, Common Wisdom project.  Go to full article
Ann and Roger Huntley
Ann and Roger Huntley

StoryCorps: Life in Crary Mills

For the last few weeks, we've been bringing you excerpts from StoryCorps, a national project that collects the stories of everyday people in order to create an oral history of America. Inside soundproof booths across the country, friends and loved ones are interviewing each other about their lives. One of these mobile recording studios was in Canton last summer and among its visitors were Ann and her husband Roger Huntley. Ann interviewed Roger about growing up in Crary Mills, near Canton, and his life as an auctioneer.  Go to full article

Opinion: Budget Cuts Would ?Devastate? North Country Schools

A converation with Massena Superintendent Douglas Huntley, who says the Governor's proposed 1.2 billion dollar cut in public school funding would mean teacher lay-offs and higher property taxes.  Go to full article

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