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News stories tagged with "hurricane"

Volunteers Give Their Break to Katrina Victims

It may be spring break, but it's not the beach, for some local volunteers spending the week in Mississippi. The group organized by Adirondack habitat for Humanity arrived in Pearlington, Mississippi Sunday. They're working with a group called "One-House-at-a-Time" that builds houses for Hurricane Katrina victims - for free. Pearlington is a little town that was pretty much flattened by Katrina - of its 800 homes, only three were livable right after the storm. But they're gaining. Chandler Ralph is CEO of Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake. She's one of the volunteers in Pearlington now. She talked with Martha Foley.  Go to full article
Woork is underway to repair damage to the high school in Laurel, MS.
Woork is underway to repair damage to the high school in Laurel, MS.

Laurel Gets Help From Saranac Lake

Volunteers from Saranac Lake made another trip to the small Gulf Coast community of Laurel, Mississippi Thursday and Friday. Reporter Chris Knight joined them and followed the relief truck as it made drop-offs around the community. As Chris reports, the people of Laurel are trying their best to get back to normal, but signs of the hurricane's devastation linger everywhere.  Go to full article

Reaching Out, Via the Internet

Bruce Stone is reaching out to victims of Hurricane Katrina without ever leaving his home in South Glens Falls. Stone describes himself as "one of those computer geeks". He gets around with a motorized wheelchair, and when he realized he wasn't going to be heading south to help hurricane victims, he turned to the turf he navigates most easily, the Internet. Stone's web-based forum is a 24/7 operation. He spoke with Martha Foley this morning.  Go to full article

Respite Group Set Back, Temporarily

Operation Respite, a group from Cambridge, New York wants to house hurricane evacuees. The Washington County effort was covered in a CNN news report, and response was quick. Ten refugee families were supposed to arrive sometime today. But that's not going to happen, yet. Ted Bernt is coordinator of Operation Respite. He says the delay is not necessarily bad news. And it's an indication of how complicated and difficult the hurricane effort is. Bernt spoke with Gregory Warner yesterday afternoon.  Go to full article

Red Cross Expands Efforts

In the first days after Hurrican Katrina came ashore, the Red Cross called the disaster-relief effort the largest in its history. It looks worse now. Martha Foley spoke with Eileen reardon, executive director of the Red Cross Adirondack Saratoga Chapter.  Go to full article

Local Families Open Homes

An Alexandria Bay resident is organizing local homeowners to take in families left homeless by Katrina. Jane Aiken formed Operation H.O.S.T.--that stands for Helping Others Survive Tragedy - last Friday. She's got 16 families so far, offering to take in 40 people. She spoke with Gregory Warner.

Her number is 315-482-3970. Operation H.O.S.T. has an organizational meeting tonight at 7:30. That's at the Dutch Reform Church on Church Street in Alexandria Bay.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake Native Copes With Aftermath

A number of Gulf Coast residents originally from the North Country have been trying to cope with life after Hurricane Katrina while doing what they can to help others in need. Saranac Lake native Lucy Duprey is a realtor in Houma, about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans. As Chris Knight reports, Duprey has been trying to find temporary housing for the thousands of evacuees being sheltered in the town.  Go to full article

Gas Prices Volatile; Pols Want Action

Prices jumped another 50 cents at many gas stations yesterday. Local retailers say they're responding to volatile supply prices. New York politicians are beginning to worry that rising prices could depress sales of goods and services, bringing the economy closer to a recession. Saratoga County Republican Assemblyman Roy McDonald started a petition drive to suspend the 4 percent state sales tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Governor Dispatches Air National Guard

Governor Pataki dispatched a cargo plane New York's Air National Guard to help the relief effort in Louisiana.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Hurricanes

From late summer to December is hurricane season. Dr. Curt Stager talks with Martha Foley about how these counterclockwise storms form, and about their signature features--the deceptively calm eye, and the often-deadly storm surge.  Go to full article

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