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We don't want to waste time... we’re not dallying in our review of this.

DEC: State has 40,000 hydrofracking comments to go through

The State's environmental commissioner estimates the agency has received 40,000 comments in the public comment period on proposed hydrofracking in New York, which ended Wednesday. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details.  Go to full article
As proposed, fracking should not be moving forward in this state now.

With hydrofracking comment period over, proponents impatient, opponents concerned

The public comment period for the Cuomo administration's proposal for natural gas hydro fracking is now over. Opponents are left wishing they had more time, while supporters say they'd like to see drilling begin soon. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article
Anti-fracking protesters rally. Photo: still from the Innovation Trail video
Anti-fracking protesters rally. Photo: still from the Innovation Trail video

Boxes and boxes of comments for DEC on hydrofracking deadline

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has a lot of reading to do about hydrofracking. The deadline to comment about new regulations was midnight. The DEC already had more than 21,000 comments on the issue. And yesterday, both supporters and opponents of the controversial gas-drilling technique brought box after box filled with more comments.  Go to full article
Wind farm  Photo:  Chip Mitchell
Wind farm Photo: Chip Mitchell

Gas drilling could take air out of offshore wind

Politics and price are pitting gas drilling against offshore wind on the Great lakes.
Our Front and Center partnership with WBEZ in Chicago looks at hopes for economic revival in the nation's rustbelt.

In the Cleveland area, politicians and businessmen have been pushing for years to build a wind farm in Lake Erie. But the project's financing is up in the air, and as WBEZ's Chip Mitchell reports, state politics is tipping the balance toward hydrofracking, and away from what could be the first major offshore wind development in the Great Lakes.  Go to full article
We’re sending a strong message New Yorkers aren't confident horizontal hydrofracking can be done safely.

Anti-Hydrofracking protestors gather outside State of State

More than 100 protestors opposed to hydrofracking gathered in the Empire State Plaza Wednesday outside the auditorium where Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address, chanting "no fracking way!"  Go to full article
This is a really dirty fuel from a greenhouse gas standpoint… It’s a valuable commodity, there is absolutely no incentive to leak that much.

Fracking emissions raise questions about "green" gas

The gas drilling technique known as hydro-fracking has raised fears about water supplies and environmental damage. But as the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, there's a new conflict about fracking brewing: what effect will emissions from the production process have on global climate change?  Go to full article
You're probably not going to get the huge upfront bonus money per acre that we were seeing a few years ago.

Landowners may get less money in shale lease deals

Experts say exploration of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale is expected to keep rising in 2012. But they say landowners may find that signing lease deals isn't as easy as in years past.

Drillers have swarmed in recent years to the Shale that lies beneath Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Ohio. Pennsylvania is the center of activity, with more than 3,000 wells drilled in the past three years and thousands more planned.

Other states are opening up to the drilling, which often entails hydrofracking. That's when drillers drill down, and then horizontally into the bedrock. They use a mix of water, sand, and chemicals under high pressure to smash open the shale and release the gas.

New York has delayed issuing regulations to allow large scale hydrofracking.

Jerry Simmons is executive director of National Association of Royalty Owners. The group represents landowners who sell their mineral rights to energy companies. He says New York property owners would already get less for a well then their neighbors in Pennsylvania did a few years ago.  Go to full article

Ohio delays four fracking wastewater wells in wake of quake

Ohio leaders are prohibiting the use of four hydro-fracking waste-water wells from opening, after a series of earthquakes. Julie Grant reports that the state is concerned there's a link between the two.  Go to full article

Comptroller wants fee to build drilling accident fund

New York Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is thinking ahead to the possibility of new hydrofracking operations in the state this year. In a letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation, DiNapoli renewed his call for a drilling fee to pay for any accidents caused by natural gas drilling.
The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports.  Go to full article
I think the state should be very cautious about trying to drill in 2012.

Hydrofracking review and controversy likely to continue well into 2012

Hydrofracking has been one of the biggest and most controversial issues facing New York this year. That's likely to be true in the coming year too. Governor Cuomo's environmental department is conducting a review process and is likely to begin issuing permits sometime in 2012. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

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