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Martha Foley's back yard during the '98 ice storm
Martha Foley's back yard during the '98 ice storm

Looking back at the ice storm of '98: Utility workers take a breakfast break

We shouldn't be seeing another ice storm of '98...but that doesn't mean Thursday's ice hasn't put it on people's minds.

NCPR's documentary "Ice Storm '98: A retrospective" pulled together some of the most memorable moments from the station's coverage of the storm--including when utilities brought power crews in from all over the east.

Those crews worked doggedly to restore electricity to approximately-100,000 people. But they also had to eat--and in this piece from the documentary, Ellen Rocco checked in with some of them as they ate breakfast at a diner in Canton:  Go to full article
The Ice Storm of '98. Photo: Mark Kurtz
The Ice Storm of '98. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Ice today recalls ice in 1998

The St. Lawrence valley woke up to ice this morning. Not too much, but enough to bring back memories of the disastrous ice storm of January 1998.

Martha Foley shared memories with Julie Grant, and dug out a copy of NCPR's documentary, "Ice Storm '98: a Retrospective." Here's a section of that, recalling the day Niagara Mohawk delivered a big generator to the NCPR building. You'll hear Martha, former NCPR reporter Mitch Teich, Bob Sauter, our longtime, now former producer Lamar Bliss, and NiMo technician Dave Seymour.  Go to full article

Weathering the ice storm in the wilderness

While Jack was driving the back roads, Mike Sheridan was working for the state DEC in the Adirondack back country. In the high country, there was no ice, just a massive deluge of rain. Mike now works as the manager of Elk Lake Lodge, but when the ice storm struck in 1998 he was an interior caretaker rescuing stranded snowshoers near Lake Colden. He told his story to Brian Mann.  Go to full article

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