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News stories tagged with "illegal-alien"

Green Party candidate Donald Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty
Green Party candidate Donald Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty

NY21 Green Party candidate: deport foreign farm workers

The candidates in the race for New York's 21st District Congressional seat gathered Thursday night for a forum in Wanakena. At that forum, Green Party candidate Donald Hassig called for foreign workers on farms in the North Country to be rounded up and deported.

Hassig blasted plans put forward by the Democratic and Republican candidates to allow more laborers to work legally on dairy farms and apple orchards.  Go to full article

Mexican Farm Workers Arrested en Route to Lowville

State Police in Oneida County arrested 10 illegal Mexican immigrants yesterday. Troopers responded to a vehicle that had slid off of Route 12. David Sommerstein spoke with Sergeant Kevin Maxwell. He said police from Utica who spoke Spanish helped find out the nine men and one woman were on their way to a farm in the Lowville area. He didn't know which farm. None of the Mexicans had identification. Maxwell says they were packed into a pick-up truck.  Go to full article

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