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News stories tagged with "immigrants"

Photo: Nicholas Gunner/Front and Center
Photo: Nicholas Gunner/Front and Center

Literacy seen as key to refugee success in America

Since the founding of the United States, immigrants have played a role in creating communities. In some "rustbelt" cities, they're responsible for reinvigorating former manufacturing towns. In Buffalo, for example, more than 1000 refugees arrive every year. They are helping revive this shrinking city after a half century of decline.

Most immigrants are illiterate in their native languages, yet they are expected to learn English upon arrival. Literacy is seen as the refugees' the best chance to contribute to their new home and become successful in America. For our collaboration on literacy with WBEZ's Front and Center, Daniel Robison brings us this story from Buffalo, New York.  Go to full article

GOP still skeptical of Spitzer license plan

Governor Spitzer's changes to his driver's license plan for immigrants, announced over the weekend, has not done much to quell the opposition from Republicans in state government. One, Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco, calls the plan "smoke and mirrors." Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Algerian activist Mohamed Cherfi
Algerian activist Mohamed Cherfi

Church Raid In Canada Sparks Protests & Deportation to US

US authorities in Buffalo are holding an Algerian man, deported from Canada earlier this month. Mohamed Cherfi is a prominent immigrant-rights activist. He was detained in Quebec City after police raided a Protestant church where he had sought sacntuary. The case has sparked protests across Canada. As Brian Mann reports, church leaders there describe Cherfi's arrest as a violation of their sanctuary.  Go to full article

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