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Body found in Adirondack forest

A body found in a remote area in Indian lake is tentatively identified as a 72-year-old California man, Frederick Gillingham, who has been missing since Columbus Day weekend. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

The missing men of the "Indian Lake triangle"

The vast forests and river valleys around Indian Lake in Hamilton County offer some of the wildest and most beautiful country in the Adirondacks. But that sparsely-settled region can also be dangerous. Since 2006, three men have disappeared near Indian Lake. The most recent vanished this fall. Some officials have taken to calling the area the "Indian Lake Triangle." As Jacob Resneck reports, forest rangers charged with patrolling the area downplay the idea of any mystery. They say some visitors simply aren't prepared for the rugged, remote terrain.  Go to full article

Indian Lake grocery store may close

The only supermarket in the Adirondack town of Indian Lake may close for good. Owners of the Indian Lake Market say rising costs and out-of-town competition could force it out of business this winter. Jacob Resneck reports.  Go to full article

Search continues for missing hiker in Adirondacks

Forest rangers and volunteers are expected to continue their search today for 71-year-old man missing for more than a week in the Central Adirondacks. Frederick Gillingham of California, who has a camp in Indian Lake, has been missing since Sunday, October 12. As Chris Knight reports, the Department of Environmental Conservation is now looking for information from anyone who may have been hiking in the Indian Lake area last week.  Go to full article
Inside the theater
Inside the theater

Historic Indian Lake Theater reopens

Earlier this year, Indian Lake residents banded together to save their historic theater in the middle of town. It's re-opening this weekend. It could have been just another casualty of the North Country's declining population and struggling economy. But a summer schedule of movies is planned, and it's hoped the theater will once again be the center of Indian Lake's artistic, cultural and community life. Todd Moe spoke with Colleen Doyle, the new director of the theater, as she took a break from some touch-up work on the theater's stage.  Go to full article

Saving the Indian Lake Theater

The movie theater in Indian Lake closed last year. It could have been just another casualty of northern New York's declining population and struggling economy. But a few nearby residents banded together to save it. And not just as a place to see movies. Ben Strader is president of the theater's board. He says people in this central Adirondack village think of the movie house as part of the glue that holds the community together. The state agreed and awarded the Indian Lake Theater a $42,000 grant. More than 450 people who have homes in the area also donated to the cause. The board just bought the theater and plans to resume screening movies in May. Starter told Jonathan Brown the theater will once again be the center of Indian Lake's artistic, cultural and community life.  Go to full article

Hydro project proposed for Indian Lake dam

On Wednesday we heard Brian Mann's postcard from a rafting trip on the upper Hudson River. Water for that stretch of river is fed from the dam on Indian Lake in the central Adirondacks. With energy prices soaring, town officials in Indian Lake are pushing separate proposals to build a new hydro-electric facility on the dam. As Brian Mann reports, the proposal has drawn a mix of praise and criticism from sportsmen, boaters, and from pro-environment groups.  Go to full article

Green group opposes Indian Lake hydro project

A pro-environment group wants a say in the future of a hydro-electric project proposed for Indian Lake in Hamilton County. The Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks says it hopes to win "formal party status" from the Federal agency reviewing the project. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Winter wit on a cold morning

Indian Lake resident Daisy Kelly helps keep an eye on the weather for NCPR in the southern Adirondacks. She phoned-in a couple of bitterly cold temperature updates early this morning, and later shared some mid-winter wit and wisdom with Martha Foley and Todd Moe.  Go to full article

State Curtails Search Near Indian Lake

After more than a week, DEC officials say they're phasing out a search for a man believed missing in the Indian Lake area. George LaForest was last seen on April 21st. His truck was found on a remote stretch of the Benton Road in Hamilton County. As Brian Mann reports, state forest rangers have also been involved in three other rescues.  Go to full article

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