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Ft. Drum debuts buffer program

As Fort Drum continues to grow, it's using more and more of its sprawling military reservation for live-fire training. That can be a problem for civilian neighbors just outside Drum's boundaries. So the military is buying easements on land just off Fort Drum to prevent people from building more houses or businesses there. It's called the Army Compatible Use Buffer program, (ACUB). The land will be managed by the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. Fort Drum's announcing the signing of its first three easements in Philadelphia and LeRay in Jefferson County at a ceremony tomorrow. David Sommerstein spoke with Betty Jones, Fort Drum's community planner, about the land deals.  Go to full article
Researcher Eric Britzky marks an Indiana bat roost tree.
Researcher Eric Britzky marks an Indiana bat roost tree.

Champlain Valley: Endangered Bats Colonize Private Land

Scientists in New York and Vermont say 5,000 endangered Indiana bats have colonized the Champlain Valley. The discovery confirmed this summer is good news for a species that's dying off in other parts of the country. But as Brian Mann reports, the bats are roosting on private land. That means new challenges for landowners and for researchers who hope to protect the species.  Go to full article

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