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Yvonne Todd and her mother, Emma Westdijk
Yvonne Todd and her mother, Emma Westdijk

StoryCorps: life in Indonesia during World War II

Conversation by conversation, interview by interview, StoryCorps is collecting the stories and voices of our time. After two weeks on the village green in Canton, the StoryCrops MobileBooth is now at Flower Memorial Library in Watertown. While the studio was in Canton, Yvonne Todd interviewed her mother, Emma Westdijk, about her life as a teenager in Indonesia during World War Two.  Go to full article

Local Relief Effort Gains Momentum

Over a week after an earthquake and tsunamis devastated areas of South Asia, India and Africa, the international relief effort is massive. Martha Foley talks with Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Sackets Harbor, about a local project that combines symbolism with small-scale practicality.  Go to full article

Preview: Interfaith Listening Project

A Christian and Muslim from Indonesia will speak about interfaith relations in their nation during a forum tonight (7 pm) at the Potsdam Mosque. Two years ago the Presbyterian Church of Sackets Harbor hosted a team from Jordan. It was developed in response to heightened interfaith tensions that arose after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th. This year the Presbytery of Northern New York is hosting another round of interfaith dialogues from Watertown to Plattsburgh. It's part of the Presbyterian Church's Interfaith Listening Project. Dr. Zakaria Ngelow, Rector of the Theological Seminary of Eastern Indonesia and Dr. Muhammad Machasin, professor of history of Islamic Culture, are visiting schools, houses of faith and community groups to explore and demonstrate how people of different faiths can learn from each other. Todd Moe talks with Dr. Ngelow about the importance of the interfaith listening teams.  Go to full article

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