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The challenge was to pull together work as a team.

What's next for the regional economic councils?

Earlier this month, Governor Cuomo handed out nearly $800-million through his newly created regional economic councils. WMHT's Marie Cusick reports for the Innovation Trail about what comes next.  Go to full article
Liz Brenna, founder of Socially Good Business. Photo: Zack Seward, Innovation Trail
Liz Brenna, founder of Socially Good Business. Photo: Zack Seward, Innovation Trail

Start-up wants to do good in the for-profit world

More and more companies are making the business case for "doing good." A Rochester woman who cut her chops at the socially-conscious ice cream-maker Ben & Jerry's is trying to spread the word in New York State's for-profit community. The Innovation trail's Zack Seward has more.  Go to full article
It's similarly complicated across the border. There's opposition and there are supporters.

Pros and cons of importing more Canadian hydro

New York imports hydroelectricity generated by giant dams on Canadian rivers. Lots of it. And some would like to see the state get more of that renewable power. But as Emma Jacobs reports in the first story of our series on New York's imports of Canadian power, there's also opposition to that idea.  Go to full article
The idea was that Steuben should be perceived of as luxurious and unattainable as... a 16-cylinder Cadillac.

After 108 years, Steuben Glass closes its doors

Steuben glass officially closed its doors on today, 108 years after its founding in Corning, New York. As the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, the company's history closely mirrored the rise of the United States during the 20th century.  Go to full article
The PowerWapper is a thin, flexible energy storing supercapacitor. Photo: Paper Battery Co.
The PowerWapper is a thin, flexible energy storing supercapacitor. Photo: Paper Battery Co.

Start-up hopes to solve the problem of batteries

Battery technology has helped untether us all from wall sockets and electrical cords. But there's a price for being portable. Batteries are rigid, heavy, they need to be recharged and replaced frequently, and they're full of toxic chemicals.

That's why a small, start-up company outside of Albany is working to change the way we store our energy. WMHT's Marie Cusick reports for the Innovation Trail.

Support for the Innovation Trail comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Innovation Trail is a collaboration between five upstate public media outlets, reporting about New York's innovation economy.  Go to full article
I'd also like to point out that our alumni and our students are occupying Wall Street in a productive way, through employment.

NYS helped and hurt by globalization

A new SUNY report called "New York in the World" asserts that no other state in the nation has seen more benefits -- or suffered more harm -- from globalization. On Friday, the state university hosted the first of six public forums about the issue.  Go to full article

Steuben Glass closing down

Steuben Glass plans to close its doors on November 29th, after more than 100 years making glassware. The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports on the company's long slide toward closure.  Go to full article

Bankrupt symphony's assets returned to community

Symphonies around the country have been struggling to overcome cuts to arts funding. This year, Syracuse's orchestra was supposed to celebrate its 50th anniversary, but this June it declared bankruptcy. Emma Jacobs reports for the Innovation Trail that some of the symphony's assets are being returned to the community.  Go to full article
The Say Yes model helps us bring our resources together to make sure college completion actually happens.

Free college tuition for all Syracuse students who graduate

"Say Yes to Education" is an education nonprofit that's trying to increase graduation rates. In the past they've worked with individual schools. But in Syracuse, they decided to offer their program to the entire district - and with it the promise of free college tuition for students who finish high school. For the Innovation Trail, Emma Jacobs introduces us to one person who's benefited from it  Go to full article

We Live NY Summit focuses youth on Upstate's future

The We Live New York summit gets underway Thursday through Saturday in Ithaca. The summit is intended to attract young people from around upstate to talk about the future of the region. Emma Jacobs has more for the Innovation Trail.  Go to full article

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