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We Live NY Summit focuses youth on Upstate's future

The We Live New York summit gets underway Thursday through Saturday in Ithaca. The summit is intended to attract young people from around upstate to talk about the future of the region. Emma Jacobs has more for the Innovation Trail.  Go to full article
It's far from the magic bullet or the cure-all. But there's no doubt, those men that get this vaccine live longer.

Buffalo clinic offering first vaccine to treat cancer

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo is now offering the first-ever vaccine to treat cancer. But as the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports, the drug isn't for everyone.  Go to full article

Do incentives really work?

New York relies heavily on perks like tax breaks to induce businesses to come or grow here. According to a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute, the state handed out more than $5-billion in tax incentives last year alone. But as the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, business groups say structural changes are needed if New York wants to boost economic development.  Go to full article
We're using our bully pulpit, but I do think it's the right thing to do.

Buffalo becomes first city in New York to ban hydro-fracking

In a unanimous vote, the Buffalo Common Council has banned hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, within the city's borders. The Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports the law's supporters hope the move sways other communities in New York to follow suit.  Go to full article
The long term decline of upstate New York... did not happen because we did not have good economic development programs.

Luring jobs Upstate: the history of the incentive

In his budget speech Tuesday, Governor Cuomo made clear the deep cuts he proposes are only a short-term fix. The long-term answer to New York's fiscal crisis, he said, is economic development.

New York's economic development strategy is in a state of flux. Empire Zones of the Pataki-era are yielding to regional economic development councils proposed by Andrew Cuomo.

But for decades, incentives and perks have been the main way to attract companies to do business in New York. The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs reports on that history.  Go to full article

Universal design: improving access for people with disabilities

The term "universal design" isn't well known but its principals are all around us. Modern elevators, hallways and doors are all easier to use than they used to be. As the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports, a western New York group has played a key role in making the world more accessible for people with disabilities and everyone else.  Go to full article
How do we help them develop financial literacy? How do they develop skills to balance a check book as they develop a business plan?

Entrepreneurs with disabilities

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is around 50-percent higher than for people without. A program piloted by Syracuse University aims to change that by helping people with disabilities become entrepreneurs. Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden takes us to one of the program's success stories, a taco shop in downtown Syracuse.  Go to full article
If we decide as a state to not pursue it at this point, the gas isn't going away. In fact, it might be worth more in the long run.

Hydrofracking debate continues

Gov. David Paterson issued a sort of split decision on hydrofracking -- the convtroversial methods of shattering shale underground to release natural gas. Last weekend he vetoed an outright ban on all natural gas drilling. But he extended a moratorium on the most controversial technique till July to give the state Department of Environmental Conservation more time to review environmental impacts.

Meanwhile, opponents fear there will be a new front line to defend, another shale deposit that reaches farther into western New York than the well-know Marcellus shale does. The Innovation Trail's Daniel Robsion reports.  Go to full article

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