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News stories tagged with "insect"

Natural Selections: Venus, Mars and Canker Worm Moths

Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley wonder: what's up with insects? A student brought in two obviously disimilar insects who appeared to be mating. But no, the canker worm moth can tell the difference--it's just that the female of the species has no wings. This and other arthropodical oddities on Natural Selections.  Go to full article

Mark Berninghausen is North Country Public Radio

Mark Berninghausen, a beekeeper from Brasher Falls, explains how he "knocks on the door" of a hive without riling up the residents.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Fleas

Cats have their own, dogs have theirs, and we do, too. Ancient Romans thought fleas were generated from dust. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss this old "friend" of humankind, the flea.  Go to full article

West Nile Confirmed in St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence County Health officials say a crow found in the eastern part of the county has tested positive for West Nile virus. David Sommerstein has more.  Go to full article
<font size='1'>Ants with aphid on pepper plant</font>
Ants with aphid on pepper plant

Natural Selections: Ant Mimics

Ants seem to be everywhere in the environment; some insects mimic ants in appearance and smell. Dr. Curt Stager tells Martha Foley one theory about why ants "milk" aphids--they think they're talking to another ant.  Go to full article
Wooly Bear Catterpilar
Wooly Bear Catterpilar

Natural Selections: Autumn Insects

Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss wooly bear caterpillars, crickets and other autumn insect guests and pests.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Ants

Ants may be small, but they are rather sophisticated and even "diabolical," as Martha Foley puts it, when she and Dr. Curt Stager take on ants.  Go to full article

Natural Selctions: Bumblebee Fuzz

Are bumblebees actually furry? Martha asks Dr. Curt Stager to explain the nature and purpose of bumblebee fuzz.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Honeybees

Fewer honeybees doesn't just mean less honey. Honeybees also play a large role in the agricultural world. Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foleytell why bees are such valuable resources.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Snow Flies

Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley talk about snow flies. This tiny wingless fly likes the cold, making their own antifreeze to survive the weather. They are a pest only to rodents, carrying the roundworm parasites that infect them.  Go to full article

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