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News stories tagged with "intelligence"

Inside the tiny Potsdam mosque. Photo: Zach Hirsch
Inside the tiny Potsdam mosque. Photo: Zach Hirsch

For North Country Muslims, NYPD surveillance ruling brings back memories

A recent federal ruling is bringing back memories of surveillance in Potsdam's Muslim community.

Since 9/11, the New York City Police Department has played an increasingly aggressive role in domestic counter-terrorism efforts. The NYPD has investigated mosques and entire ethnic communities, a point that raises concerns among civil liberties advocates. Undercover agents have also monitored the websites of Muslim Student Associations at more than 15 universities.

According to an Associated Press report from 2012, NYPD officers scrutinized the online activities of Muslims at Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Brain Size

Does brain size matter? And does absolute size matter, or size related to body weight. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager talk about the relationship, if any, between brain size and intelligence.  Go to full article

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