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Route 11 passing through Potsdam. Photo: <a href="">Doug Kerr</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Route 11 passing through Potsdam. Photo: Doug Kerr, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

DOT chief throws cold water on rooftop highway

Speaking after a budget hearing in Albany yesterday, state Department of Transportation commissioner Joan McDonald threw cold water on the idea of an Interstate linking Watertown and Plattsburgh across the North Country. "My guess is that we probably wouldn't do the highway," McDonald told New York Now. "But I want to take a look one more time."

McDonald said two separate studies in the last decade have concluded the corridor along Route 11 through St. Lawrence and Franklin counties didn't have enough traffic to merit a divided highway.  Go to full article
The general sketch of a "rooftop highway" as envisioned in a 2002 report for the Development Authority of the North Country.
The general sketch of a "rooftop highway" as envisioned in a 2002 report for the Development Authority of the North Country.

Farm bureau opposes "rooftop highway"

The group that's pushing for an Interstate to be built from Watertown to Plattsburgh has collected hundreds of local endorsements.

But it just lost an influential one. The New York Farm Bureau passed a resolution earlier in December, opposing the so-called "rooftop highway".  Go to full article

Group opposes "rooftop highway"

The idea of an Interstate across the North Country to connect Watertown and Plattsburgh is more than 50 years old. It's had different names: the rooftop highway, the Northern Tier Expressway, Interstate 98. But it's never faced any organized opposition, until now.

A group of residents in St. Lawrence County has formed "Yes Eleven." They argue that with a price tag of at least four billion dollars, and opposition from the state department of transportation, the rooftop highway is a pie in the sky.

John Danis is the co-coordinator of YES-Eleven. He told David Sommerstein the group's name references the notion that the rooftop highway is siphoning precious funds from existing infrastructure on the region's main existing artery--Route 11.  Go to full article
The highway is our Berlin Wall, and you saw what happened when it came down.

Syracuse stretch of I-81 nears expiration date

Interstate 81 runs right through the heart of Syracuse. The elevated portion, built in the late '60s, is called "The Viaduct." It's coming to the end of its life expectancy, and is showing its years.

The city is trying to figure out whether to apply some serious duct tape, or tear the whole thing down. The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs reports.  Go to full article

A Main Street View of an Interstate Detour

Martha Foley talks with Phil McLaughlin, owner of The Coffee Room in Warrensburg, about how traffic is moving in the village. Warrensburg is one end of the Adirondack Northway detour caused by a mudslide earlier this week.  Go to full article

Watertown to Maine Corridor in Highway Bill

A four-lane highway between Watertown and Plattsburgh is a part of a grand plan in Congress to connect northern New York with northern Maine. As David Sommerstein reports, the so-called "rooftop highway" is included in the federal transportation bill.  Go to full article

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