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News stories tagged with "jail"

NY excludes prison time from sex-abuse law

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York has amended its penal law to exclude prison and jail time when calculating the 10-year period that elevates a repeated low-level sex offense into a felony.

The law effective Nov. 1 will exclude time locked up from the calculation whereby two or more misdemeanor offenses rise to "persistent sexual abuse" punishable by up to four years in prison.  Go to full article
St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility. Photo: Office of the Sheriff, St. Lawrence County
St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility. Photo: Office of the Sheriff, St. Lawrence County

Proposal to un-crowd county jails waits in the Assembly

Today is set to be the last day of New York's legislative session. Two bills in front of the Assembly, put forth by State Sen. Patty Ritchie, aim to ease overcrowding in our region's county jails. The bills would require the Department of Corrections to assume responsibility for men and women caught violating parole within ten days of receiving their violation warrant. Richie says too many of those men and women are instead held in county jails, at local taxpayers' expense.  Go to full article

NYC jail boss details heating problems after death

NEW YORK (AP) The head of New York City's jail system says that a malfunctioning damper diverted heat to the upper-level cell where a mentally ill veteran was found dead last month.

Acting Department of Correction Commissioner Mark Cranston told a City Council committee Thursday that a gauge on the lower-level tier didn't register the high temperature on the upper level.  Go to full article
NYS Sen. Patty Ritchie at Fort Drum Day gathering. Source: Ritchie website
NYS Sen. Patty Ritchie at Fort Drum Day gathering. Source: Ritchie website

Ritchie wants to ease costs, crowding in county jails

State Senator Patty Ritchie has an idea to help ease overcrowding and costs at county jails.

As WRVO's Catherine Loper reports, the issue pits New York State against local governments.  Go to full article
The new St. Lawrence County jail. Photo:
The new St. Lawrence County jail. Photo:

St. Lawrence County's new jail already full

Three years ago, St. Lawrence County finished work on a state-of-the-art jail that cost taxpayers more than $30 million. It was needed because the old jail on Court Street was outdated and overcrowded.

Today, that new jail is full. And people in the justice system aren't quite sure what to do except wait for the crime rate to go down.  Go to full article
Anytime you move an inmate outside the facility that's a security issue, and I mean it's cost. It's huge money.

Jefferson county spends million on overcrowded jail

The state commission of corrections is citing Jefferson County's jail after an inspection yesterday.

According to the Watertown Daily Times, the jail was cited for inadequate nurse staffing and the improper housing of a medically impaired inmate.

Overcrowding at the jail has drawn the commission's attention.  Go to full article
I showed up dirty on a urine test, cocaine and marijuana. They're making me come back...for another drug test.

After Rockefeller reform, are drug addicts getting the treatment they need?

It's been over a year since New York implemented reforms of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

The new rules divert many drug addicted felons from prison to treatment.

Reporter Charles Lane from public radio station WSHU has been following several of the people going through the new program.

He found that some of them are getting treatment in rigorous residential treatment facilities, and say the programs are harder than doing time in prison.

Editor's Note: Charles Lane has heard news that Joan D'Alessio turned herself in and is doing better. We'll bring you updates in the coming months on her as well as a look at the cost of the Rockefeller reforms.  Go to full article

Senate passes drug law changes

The State Senate approved sweeping changes to the Rockfeller drug laws last night as a part of the state budget. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Judge clears way for St. Lawrence jail

The St. Lawrence County legislature will vote to borrow money and award contracts for construction of a $33 million jail on Monday. A court ruling yesterday approving a union-only labor agreement paves the way for a project years in the making. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Legal battle may hold up jail construction

A labor dispute may delay construction of the new St. Lawrence County jail. A non-union contractor and a county resident are asking the state Supreme Court to stop the county from issuing any construction contracts, pending a review of its "project labor agreement," or PLA. As Jonathan Brown reports, these agreements define how governments award their lucrative building contracts.  Go to full article

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