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News stories tagged with "job-cuts"

Bathtub plant closure will cost Cornwall 42 jobs

The acting mayor of Cornwall is calling the pending closure of a local bathtub manufacturer a huge loss for the city.

Forty-two jobs will be lost when the American Standard tub plant is closed by the end of the year.  Go to full article

Corning workers reflect on jobs cuts

Earlier this month, Corning Incorporated, the high tech glassmaker, put up a list of names on the bulletin board in its plant in Canton. They were the names of 34 people whose last day of work would be three days before Christmas. Sharlene Carpenter of Heuvelton and Phil Furnace of Brasher saw their names on that list. They sat down with David Sommerstein to talk about being casualties of the economy and what the future holds. Corning began cutting its workforce in Canton more than a year ago. Furnace says his layoff was hard not to take personally.  Go to full article

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