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News stories tagged with "job-training"

How do we help them develop financial literacy? How do they develop skills to balance a check book as they develop a business plan?

Entrepreneurs with disabilities

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is around 50-percent higher than for people without. A program piloted by Syracuse University aims to change that by helping people with disabilities become entrepreneurs. Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden takes us to one of the program's success stories, a taco shop in downtown Syracuse.  Go to full article
Randy and Sharlene Carpenter, with their son.
Randy and Sharlene Carpenter, with their son.

Year of Hard Choices: A job search, delayed

At the beginning of this year, we began a series called A Year of Hard Choices, looking at the challenges posed by economic losses and budget deficits. You can review all of our coverage on our website, One of those stories introduced us to the Carpenters. Sharlene and Randy are both in their late 40s. They live in Heuvelton. Sharlene lost her job three days before Christmas last year. She made high tech glass lenses at the Corning plant in Canton. She was collecting unemployment. Her husband, Randy, had been laid off from a pallet mill three months earlier. Randy was looking for work at Fort Drum. Recently, David Sommerstein visited the Carpenters again to see how 2009 treated them, and what next year may have in store.  Go to full article

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