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McHugh speaking to reporters during his first visit to Fort Drum as Army Secretary. Photo: David Sommerstein
McHugh speaking to reporters during his first visit to Fort Drum as Army Secretary. Photo: David Sommerstein

Report: McHugh may step down from top Army post

A major newspaper covering the military is reporting John McHugh may step down as Secretary of the Army.  Go to full article

President's farm budget includes dairy cuts

As part of an effort to reign in farm subsidies, President Bush's executive budget includes cuts to a program that helps dairy farmers when the milk price falls. It would also end payments for the nation's weathiest farmers. As David Sommerstein reports, the cuts come as Congress prepares to wrangle over a new farm bill this year.  Go to full article

McHugh Worried About Troop Strength

President Bush's proposed budget continues what Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld calls the transformation of the Pentagon. It includes expansion of the Army and the Marines. But Congressman John McHugh is still concerned that the Army -- active, Guard and reserve - is stretched too thin. McHugh is chairman of the House Military Personnel Subcommittee. He's warned that the Army needs more people. He renewed that warning at the subcommittee's first hearing of this budget year late last week. In terse opening remarks, McHugh said "the need for increases...was strongly resisted by the Department of Defense until last year" when the Army and the DOD agreed that a temporary increase of 30,000 troops was needed. He told Martha Foley that was a start, but said, "clearly, problems continue."  Go to full article

McHugh On Clear Skies

Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a formal rule to implement a crucial part of the clear skies plan - called new source review. New York, Vermont and 10 other states immediately sued to block the action, saying that only Congress can make such deep changes to such a bedrock law. Congressman John McHugh is co-sponsor of two bills that would address acid rain. He told Martha Foley he agrees with the states that it should be up to Congress to re-write the clean air rules, not the Bush administration.  Go to full article

Air Service Continues to Pittsburgh

After months of debate, the Federal Transportation Department decided yesterday to keep Air Midwest as the carrier for Massena and Ogdensburg. Jody Tosti reports on what the ruling means.  Go to full article

Congressman John McHugh on Possible War Against Iraq

Congressman John McHugh thinks the Bush Administration's policy on Iraq and possible military action to remove Saddam Hussein is on the right track. He explains why in a conversation with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

McHugh Downplays Civil Liberty Concerns in Anti-Terrorism Campaign

North Country Congressman John McHugh says civil liberties concerns over the Justice Department's anti-terrorism campaign are "speculative". While visiting Potsdam on Monday, McHugh said American citizens deserve the full protections of the Constitution. But he said in times of war, it's not unprecedented for foreign nationals to go through a different process, like trials in military courts. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Tourism Research Center Funded at SUNY Potsdam

SUNY Potsdam will host a new research center dedicated to boosting the North Country's tourism industry. Congressman John McHugh announced $100,000 in federal seed money for the center. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

McHugh Shows Colleagues the Border

North Country Congressman John McHugh meets at the Champlain Port of Entry this morning with his congressional colleagues to show them first-hand the security challenges he says New York and other border states face. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Canadian Border Agents to Triple in Number

Congress has approved a bill to triple the number of customs agents at the Canadian border. Beefing up border security has been a long time concern of Congressman John McHugh who's lending his full support to the bill. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

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